31 Prayer Points For My Husband Financial Breakthrough

prayer points for my husband financial breakthrough

If your husband is having it hard with finances, this list of prayer points tagged: prayer points for my husband financial breakthrough may be of help.

See, your husband’s breakthrough in all areas of life is to a great extent dependent on you.

That’s a fact.

He will succeed if you want him succeed.

He will fail or struggle if you are not standing and holding with him as you should.

Woman, you have power to attract success and riches into the life and destiny of your husband.

The Bible calls that power, FAVOR. (See Proverbs 18:22, KJV)

You do him only good and bring him favor all your life. (See Proverbs 31:12, NIV).

One of the greatest good you can do him is prayer, pray for him, pray him into his destiny, pray him into success, pray him into prosperity.

I want to ask you this question ma’am: how far can you go with God in prayer and fasting just so your husband’s life aligned with destiny and purpose in all areas of his life, finances included!

What’s your answer to that question?

Truth is, you can make things happen for him through faith and prayer.

And of course, you will be alive to reap the reward of your labor, you sure will.

Let us pray for him now.

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Prayer Points For My Husband Financial Breakthrough

The following is a list of prayer points tagged: prayer points for my husband financial breakthrough that you can use to pray for your husband’s finances:

1. Father, I ask that you send your power, resurrection power into my husband’s finances to provoke and produce a sustained breakthrough, in Jesus’ name.

2. Oh Lord my Father, look upon my husband in your mercy and grace and make a way for him with money by the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

3. Lord, I call upon you for a turnaround in the finances of my husband, oh Lord, help us in your mercy, in Jesus’ name.

4. Lord, I pray and ask that you lay your hands on the finances of my husband; be gracious to us Lord, in Jesus’ name.

5. Lord, let your power come on the work of my husband’s hand for a sustained financial breakthrough, in the name of Jesus Christ.

6. Yes, Lord, send your power into everything about my husband, the work of his hands, his business, work and career for a super breakthrough, in Jesus’ name.

7. I ask Lord that your power will come on his life, situation and circumstances to condition him and his heavens for a mouth-watering financial breakthrough this year, in Jesus’ name.

8. Oh Lord, I contend by your power with everything that is resisting his prosperity, in Jesus’ name.

9. I silence every voice that is speaking against him, I drown by the blood of Jesus Christ every incantation, words of limitation spoken again him, in Jesus’ name.

10. I destroy by fire every altar speaking against his progress and prosperity, in the name of Jesus Christ.

11. Lord, I call for a release of his life and destiny from the dungeon Satan has held him bound, I call it out by fire, in Jesus’ name.

12. Oh Lord, ransom my husband from poverty and the circle of not always enough to the state and place of being and always more than enough, in Jesus’ name.

13. Oh Lord, I ask that you bless my husband with creative wisdom, wisdom to make and build wealth, in Jesus’ name.

14. Oh Lord, I ask that you teach his hands to make money, anoint him for financial exploits, in Jesus’ name.

15. Father, bless his hands with grace and power so that everything he does and touches shall prosper greatly, in Jesus’ name.

16. Father, I ask that you grace him with financial prudency and accountability, for you have no place for waste and wasters of resources, in Jesus’ name.

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17. Bless him with wisdom to not only to make money but to also to manage it well for the good of the family, in Jesus’ name.

18. I also ask Lord to help him with skills to multiply money, so he not only knows how to make and manage money but also how to multiply it for good, in Jesus’ name.

19. I ask too Lord that you make me – his wife too into a good manager of fund, so I will be able to help him manage and multiply the blessing to the praise and glory of your name, in Jesus’ name.

20. Lord, bless him with the spirit of excellence, excellent wisdom for wealth creation, in Jesus’ name.

21. I ask that you give the angel called ‘Money’ the charge over my husband’s finances for favor and increase, in Jesus’ name.

22. I remove by power and faith the constraint, the demonic constraint over his finances, in Jesus’ name.

23. I remove the struggle from his life, no more struggle for you dear, in Jesus’ name.

24. I declare that your land becomes soft, may the land where you dig and toil becomes soft for you, in Jesus’ name.

25. And may your head be filled with the oil of favor and beauty, in Jesus’ name.

26. May the Lord bring you into a large place, make a way for you; make room for you with life and finances by His power, in Jesus’ name.

27. Yes, may the Lord make a way for you with finances through the power of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ name!

28. Father, please breathe on my husband, air of ease and freshness, let things not be difficult for him again from today, in Jesus’ name.

29. Oh that you will bless him indeed, blessing that cannot be hidden, blessing so abounding, that all who hear it will rejoice with us, in Jesus’ name.

30. Oh Lord, remove the delays in his life, remove the struggle and change[l1]  the narrative of his life, let not the son of wickedness afflict him anymore, in Jesus’ name.

31. Lord, let it be from grass to grace for him, and then from glory to glory through the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.


Now, go ahead and thank God for answer to prayers, in Jesus’ name.

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On and on and on, there’s so much you can pray for your husband as far as his finances are concerned, but what this list of prayer points tagged: prayer points for my husband financial breakthrough is intended to do is to help you get started in prayer.

And as you give your heart to it, as you give your sincere devotion to it in love and respect for your family to pray for your husband’s lifting, God will daze you with mouth-watering breakthrough in answer to your labor of love in prayer for your husband.

You will see it.

See, when a woman prays, the heavens are opened.

When a wife prays with pain and tears, real concerns in her heart for her husband breakthrough, God responds swiftly.

Have you tried tears in prayer for your husband?

Are you really touched by his state of seeming financial failures and helplessness?

Pray for him sincerely, with all your heart, with knees bow.

God will come through for him because you pray.

Now, I would ask that you not only pray for him in understanding alone following the list, but that you also make intercession for him in the spirit.

That way, you will be able to pray beyond this list of prayer points into the very mind and will of God for him. (See Romans 8:26-27, NIV)

That way too, you will be able to pray well and make intercession exhaustively.

You may also want to go the extra mile by adding fasting to your prayer.

Just do it, just do it.

All will be well; well for you and your husband in the end.

Well for the family.

Well because you prayed.

God bless you.

31 Prayer Points For My Husband Financial Breakthrough


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