Faith Victorious

This Is The Victory That Has Overcome The World, Even Our Faith.


31 Powerful Prayer Points For Preservation With Scriptures

Here are prayer points for preservation with scriptures that you can use to pray. First off, it is important you know that what God gives, He preserves. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:24, KJV) Plus, He also expects you to take responsibility for the keeping too. (See 2 Timothy 1:14, KJV) Now, the scripture says that Satan’s […]

31 Powerful Prayer Against Workplace Enemies

Here is a curated list of prayer guide tagged prayer against workplace enemies that you can use to pray. There are workplace enemies, you have got to know that. The enemy, Satan, is busy carrying out his wicked plans all around, at workplace, in homes, religious houses and worship centers, amusement centers, play grounds, educational […]

31 Strong Prayer For Protection Against Enemies At Work

God is committed to protecting you at work against the enemy, this prayer guide tagged prayer for protection against enemies at work is to help you activate God’s protection over self and work. You must not live your life to chance, enemies are around you, even the workplace have become toxic, a breeding place for […]

31 Strong Prayer Points Against Spiritual Dryness

You don’t have to give in to the sense and feelings of spiritual dryness, these prayer points against spiritual dryness will help poke the fire again and keep you fresh with spiritual zest and lubrication. A lot of the time, what you call spiritual dryness may just be a transition time in the realm of […]

Powerful Prayer For Quick Recovery For My Wife

Here’s a prayer guide tagged prayer for quick recovery for my wife that you can use to pray for her recovery. You don’t want your wife to be sick, no genuine husband wants it. But sometimes, things happen and suddenly your wife is plague with sickness that you cannot explain, leaving you and the family […]

Powerful Prayer For Quick Recovery For My Husband

If you are looking for prayer to pray for your husband’s quick recovery, this prayer guide tagged prayer for quick recovery for my husband will do. You don’t want your husband to be down with sickness, no kind and loving wife would wish that. If the head of the family is sick, many things will […]

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