31 Strong Prayers For Manifestation Of God’s Promises

If God’s word has been declared over your life and you are awaiting its manifestation and fulfilment, then this post on prayers for manifestation of God’s promises may be well for you. Well, it is important to know that when God’s word comes to you by the Spirit or maybe declared over you through prophecy […]

31 Special Back To School Prayer Points (For Teachers And Students)

Here are back to school prayer points you can use to pray for teachers and students upon resumption. If there was ever anytime to seriously pray for our schools, it is now. The shootings, killings, kidnapping that our children and teachers have experienced in the past few years is alarming, so much that it requires […]

31 Special Prayer Points For Church Building Project

Here are prayer points for church building project you can use to pray. The Scripture says of Zerubbabel; your hands have laid the foundation of God’s house, your hands shall also finish it… (See Zechariah 4:9, KJV) God is a master builder, all builders take after Him. He builds by wisdom, establishes by understanding and […]

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