Faith Victorious

This Is The Victory That Has Overcome The World, Even Our Faith.


It is becoming tougher by the day to live in victory as a Christian.

The tides are all up against the Christian… he lives in a world where Satan is the god and prince who controls and mastermind everything.

But from God’s word, we know that living a victorious life is possible… “…He always causes us to triumph in Christ.”

The place of constant victory is God’s plan and desire for you and you can live in that plan through an understanding of God’s word and by the power of the Holy Spirit. is an attempt to help you live that victorious life in Christ Jesus.

At, we bring you God’s life and power through prayer and the Word so you can have and live a victorious life here and now in this world.

In this blog, we share bible verses for all situations of life; with these bible verses, you have on-hand weapons (bullet of the Spirit) to fight off Satan and his host of demons and to stay in place of perpetual victory.

Plus, we share scriptural prayers that will help you put your feet on the neck of the enemy all the time.

Don’t forget: prayer changes things….to stay in the place of prayer is to stay in the place of power.

Prayer actually activates God’s power-flow in your life.

More so, at, we answer specific questions that borders on the Christian faith.

We give you scriptural base answers to questions on basic Christian life, ministry and teachings.

We also help in praying for you and standing with you when you submit (a) your prayer request(s).

Lastly, we blog about bible based topics and examine contemporary Christian issues so you can stay abreast of all situations, stay informed of your esteemed position in Christ and of course stay on-top of the ever changing conditions of this unstable world.

We hope you find a go-to site for bible based answers and solutions to life questions and situations in these trying times.


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