Faith Victorious

This Is The Victory That Has Overcome The World, Even Our Faith.


43 Great Scriptures For Fasting For Breakthrough

Here are scriptures for fasting for breakthrough that you can use to pray and stand on as you seek the Lord in fasting and praying for breakthrough in any area of your life. Without scriptures to stand on and make your case with God, it doesn’t matter how long you fast, you may never have […]

31 Fasting For Breakthrough And Deliverance Scriptures

Looking for breakthrough and deliverance scriptures to use as a guide in fasting and prayer? This post tagged fasting for breakthrough and deliverance scriptures will be of help to you. It will be important to state here that God is not moved by fasting. He is the same God when you fast and when you […]

Fasting And Praying For A Miracle: The Faith Way

Do you want a miracle desperately and are considering going fasting and praying for it, then this guide on fasting and praying for a miracle may be of help to you. Some things come with prayer, while others will come only when you apply the force of fasting to your prayer. Miracles are real, they […]

Fasting And Praying In The Bible (And You Today)

God’s word is replete with accounts and incidences of fasting and praying in the bible that you can learn some lessons from. People in bible days fasted for many reasons that you fast for today; they fast for breakthrough, they fast to ask and receive direction from the Lord, they fast in repentance from sin, […]

31 Helpful Scriptures To Read While Fasting And Praying

Here are inspiring, helpful and faith-filled scriptures to read while fasting and praying. They will stir your faith to take a hold of God – that’s exactly what you need in time of waiting, fasting and praying. Don’t just go fasting and praying without arming yourself with scriptures that promise the blessings of God that […]

31 Fasting And Prayer Scriptures For Breakthrough

Here are fasting and prayer scriptures for breakthrough you can stand on as you seek God for breakthrough. God’s word is the basis for praying and receiving anything from the Lord. If you come to God seeking and asking Him for breakthrough, your surest stand is His word, that is, scriptures that you can hold […]

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