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Fasting And Praying For A Miracle: The Faith Way

fasting and praying for a miracle

Do you want a miracle desperately and are considering going fasting and praying for it, then this guide on fasting and praying for a miracle may be of help to you.

Some things come with prayer, while others will come only when you apply the force of fasting to your prayer.

Miracles are real, they are God’s gift of love to everyone who believes.

It is normal in God’s realm, faith brings it home and real to you – the human physical realm.

You can assess them any time of the day if you know how to plug into the realm – the realm of the miraculous.

Well, that’s what we want to show you in this post on praying and fasting for a miracle.

Learning how to plug into the realm of the miraculous will make your fasting and praying produce result.

It will make the difference between you and every others – a difference between heaven and earth.

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Fasting And Praying For A Miracle

God is in the business of miracles; sleeping and waking up every morning is a miracle, you cannot explain it.

The air you breathe in and out every second is a miracle, you cannot explain it, yet you are living by it.

So you can readily see that you have been living by miracles all the while.

But what about specific things like job, spouse, house, guidance etc., yes, God will give you a miracle if you learn how to position yourself for it.

So, here are the steps you need to take to position yourself in prayer as you set yourself to go fasting and praying and for a miracle.

1. Be Definite With Your Need

What exactly are you looking to God for?

What is the miracle you need?

You must define it before approaching the throne of grace with your request.

If your desire and want is not defined and you are not definite in the place of prayer based on your desire, you cannot receive the miracle you are looking to God for.

Miracles are real, but they happen to definite seekers.

If you want a miracle, get definite about it and go ask God on definite terms, then He will come for you with what you want.

2. Ask The Father For What You Need In Jesus’ Name

One of the reasons a lot more people don’t receive anything of the Father in prayer is because they are not playing according to the rule.

The simple rule of prayer is to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.

Whatever you are to ask, ask of the Father, but it must be done in the name of Jesus Christ.

That means you have to clinch your prayers every time with the phrase ‘in Jesus’ name or in the name of Jesus.’

That way, your prayer is addressed properly and will be delivered to the receiving, correct address; ‘THE THRONE OF GRACE,’ with no mistakes at all.

Then you can be sure that you will receive what you asked for in prayer.

3. Believe You Receive

Having prayed correctly, addressing your prayer to the correct receiving address, being certain in that condition that your requests have been delivered to the right quarters, then it is time to believe that you have received.

This is so because as far as God is concerned, every prayer request that is properly addressed and delivered to His throne of grace is as good as being attended to.

Your prayer request is not attended to if it has not gotten to the throne of grace, but the moment it has been received at the throne of grace, then it is as good as done.

Your attitude from that moment should be that of thanksgiving, because you have received as far as God’s program is concerned.

A prayer requests (a letter to the Father) once delivered and received is as good as done.

So, believe you have received, because that’s what it is – you have received.   

4. Confess You Have Received

Now, believing that you have received is not enough though, you have to confess it too, you have to keep declaring that you have received your miracle.

This is how God’s system works.

You believe you received having prayed correctly and then you begin to express you believe by confessing what you believe you have received.

You believe you have it and then you declare you have it before it finally materializes.

Trust you got that.

That’s the way of faith.

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5. Live In Thanksgiving and Expectation of the Manifestation

If you have truly received, that is, if you believe you receive and have started declaring it, the next thing is to start living in thanksgiving that you have received your miracle.

Thanksgiving is an expression of reception, your expression that you have received.

At the level of thanksgiving, you stop praying, you start singing.

If truly you have received your miracle, then you have to stop praying but start thanking. (See Romans 4:18-20, KJV)

Any time you remember what you have asked of the Lord, your response should be ‘Lord, I thank you for I know I have received what I asked of you,’ in Jesus’ name.

That way, you secure completely the miracle you so desire.

And as the Lord, lives, you will see a physical, practical manifestation of answer to prayer.

6. Take Steps In The Natural Towards Your Desire

Now that you have started living in the realm of thanksgiving as far as your miracle is concerned, it’s time you begin to take steps in the natural towards your desired miracle.

If your prayer is for a financial miracle to make a down payment for a home you want to buy, the natural thing to do now is to go about the paper work, make a promise and give a date to whoever it may concerned, that you are going to make payment so and so day and time.

Tell the seller, that you are coming to make payment so and so day, that’s taking steps in the natural in the area of your desire.

That proves your believe and your faith are working.

God will honor you for that if you do it in real faith.

You will have your miracle money to make the down payment on or before the given date, you can be sure of that.

God in His faithfulness will see to it that you are not put to shame. (See Isaiah 28:16)  

7. Be Filled and Stay In Fellowship With The Spirit

To enjoy your ride from praying to receiving, to declaring, to thanksgiving and to faith steps, you must learn to stay in the place of fellowship with the Spirit. (See Ephesians 5:18, KJV)

The cure for doubts and unbelief is fellowship with the Spirit.

The secret of strong and unwavering faith is in staying filled with the Spirit 24/7.

You will never have a reason to doubt that you have received when you live in the light and in fellowship with the Spirit.

No darkness is found around fellowship with the Spirit.

You will never know weakness, no reason to doubt, no reason to even think that God is not with you, no.

You are filled with the Holy Spirit, your faith is up and stirred, you hope is alive, no place for doubt and fear.

This is the final step to fasting and praying and for a miracle.

And it is the cure for fear, doubts, negativity and weak faith.  

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That’s it.

Fasting and praying for a miracle is never a rigor, not burdensome and pays off great dividend – reward of answered prayer if you know how to do it and do it right.

God doesn’t store your prayers, He answers them.

Your part is to pray, addressing it correctly and it will be delivered.

And the second it is delivered, be rest assured that it will be attended to by God Almighty – your Father.

So, knowing that your prayer has received a hearing before the throne of grace, the next natural thing to do is for you to go talking and thanking God in advance for the answer to prayer.

And then enjoy the ride all the way, by living in constant fellowship with the Spirit.

Stay filled with the Holy Spirit and you will be smiling all the way before and after the answer from God is delivered to your door steps by messenger angels, ministering spirit, sent forth to minister for you the answer to your prayer. (See Hebrews 1:14, KJV)

That’s what it takes to actively, accurately and biblically fast and pray for miracles

God bless you.

All the best!

Fasting And Praying For A Miracle: The Faith Way


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