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Fasting And Praying For A House: A Quick Guide

fasting and praying for a house

If you are looking at fasting and praying for a house, this guide will be of help to you.

It is important you know the purpose of fasting.

It is not meant to change God, but you.

It is not meant for a ‘bribe’ on God, but to better position you to hear and receive from God.

Yes, fasting has a lot of benefits; it brings you into a place of power with God where demons literally bow and check out when you command them to in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is meant to secure divine and angelic intervention in matters that are beyond you.

In all, fasting changes you more than it changes any other thing.

With that introduction in mind, let us now proceed to looking intently at our subject: fasting and praying for a house.

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Why Should You Fast And Pray For A House

Sometimes what you need to bring down the barriers that may be resisting your advancement I life and endeavors may be fasting and a lot more time and intensity in prayer.

This is particularly true when you notice that all efforts on your path at making progress seem to meet with stiff opposition.

That would mean one thing: a force, a curse, a covenant, something is opposing you, standing against and forestalling every of your attempt at life to make progress.

Such barriers most of the time will fall and give way to either of 2 things: 1. fasting and prayer and 2. A word in time and season from an anointed servant of God.

Now, if all your attempts at getting a house has proven abortive and God has opened your eyes to discern a certain trend, pattern and circle that’s anti-progress and anti-success, it’s time you fast and pray therefore to bring down the wall so you can break through into your dream home of a lifetime.

That’s good enough reason to fast and to pray.    

What To Pray When Fasting And Praying For A House

Now that you have decided on a fast, no matter the type, kind, length and manner of fasting, it is important you know what your prayer focus should be.

Note; fasting without prayer is mere hunger strike, it’s not complete.

Rather, fasting and prayer go together.

Help and Guidance

In prayer, ask God for help and guidance.

You have been doing it alone but no way.

Now, it’s time to ask God for real and timely help.

Ask Him to help you with a house, ask Him to guide your feet and path to places, areas and environment of peaceful habitation.

Yes, ask Him to guide your feet in the path of peace as far as your quest for a house is concerned.

See Psalm 23:1, KJV


Now, looking for a house is beautiful and light when you have money.

Even though, money is not the top priority in getting a house, (you may have all the money to get a house and yet not get a good, peaceful and habitation one if you are not lead by God into pleasant places) you will be standing tall when you have the funds ready.

So, money in your pocket and the leadership of the Spirit will get you a house that will be a blessing to you and a testimony to Jesus.

Did you know that there are some houses you rent or buy and you never make progress living in them?.

Rather, you start to go down the moment you begin to live or use such property.

This is why you need to pray for the leadership and guidance of the Spirit to get a house and of course, also for the provision (money) to make it happen.

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One area you need to focus your prayers on in your quest to buying and or getting a house is the area of favor.

Ask the Lord to bring you into favor with estate/property agents in the process of scouting for one and also to bring you into favor with your property owners when you have gotten one – that is if you are on rent.

When God gives you favor with estate/property agents, they will be kind and fair to you.

When He gives you favor with your eventual landlord or property owner, you will live in peace and prosperity in the house if you are on rent and or enjoy great considerations if you are to buy.

Pray for favor on both end, with estate agents and property owners.

Wisdom For Negotiation

Another thing to pray for in your search for a house is wisdom for negotiations.

Yes, you need wisdom to be able to negotiate cost and prices.

The power of negotiation is a solid skill that you must have and develop to be able to deal with people in business and be able to buy at reasonable prices.

If you don’t have it, you may end up paying more for less.

So, ask the Lord to anoint you with wisdom and skills for negotiations.

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Accurate Knowledge

You need accurate information, detailed and factual to be able to conclude and make intelligent buying decisions.

Ask the Lord to help you dig up information about the property, ask Him to help you ask the right questions from the right people for full, accurate and detailed knowledge.

This is so because a lot of property agents hide truth, they hide information that may hamper their success in sales… things you only discover after you buy, rent and or move in.

Pray to know all you need to know about the house before you make a financial commitment.

Finance Decision

You also need to pray for wisdom in making financial decisions.

If you are not wise and smart with your money, you may be fooled and cajoled into throwing away your money by desperate agents before you know what you’re doing.

Some of these people resort to demon powers in doing business so that when they get you at a corner and insist you make a commitment financially, you will most likely do even in the light of doubt and contradictions.

Sometimes, it is after you part with your money that your eyes become opened.

Pray against satanic manipulations from agents.

Right And Honest People For Honest Dealing

Ask the Lord to make your path to cross with right and honest persons in the process.

You most certainly need honest and sincere property agents, property owners if you must make the most of your time, money and search.

So, pray against impostors, thieves and fraudsters in the process.

This you must take care of in the place of prayer as you fast.

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The Lord will make a way for you with a house, whether you are looking at buying or renting one, He will make a way for you.

Your time spent in fasting and praying will not end in vain, in Jesus’ name.

Put the pressure on every limitation and opposition standing in your way to having, getting a house through fasting and praying.

Press on in prayer until the wall comes crashing down.

All things are possible to him that believes.

In all, ask the Lord to give you favor all the way, in the journey and eventual Godspeed and success in the end.

God bless you.  

Fasting And Praying For A House: A Quick Guide


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