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13 Amazing Biblical Benefits Of Fasting And Prayers

benefits of fasting and prayers

In this post, we are going to be looking at some amazing benefits of fasting and prayers that you may never have taken the time to find out from the Bible.

As a believer, the Scripture is clear that you should fast, it is a part of your devotion to God.

If practiced purposefully and by the leading of the Spirit, fasting and prayers can enrich your spiritual and physical life immensely.

If that’s true, then it will be well for you to know how fasting and prayers really benefit you, plus the many ways it does.

So hold tight and see the amazing benefits of fasting and prayers in relation to your spiritual life, mental and physical health.

Let’s dive in!

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benefits of fasting and prayers

What Is Biblical Fasting And Prayers

Fasting and prayers in the Scripture is a deliberate abstinence from food, liquid (like water and drinks) and every other thing that offers you pleasure, for spiritual purposes (prayers, waiting on the Lord and more).

The most result oriented fasting and prayers are the ones informed by the Spirit of God- this is when the Holy Spirit calls and inspires you to a fast.

You can be sure that the Spirit has something in mind that makes Him call you to a fast.

Now note, fasting is not just abstinence from food and sometimes water for spiritual purposes, it is also a denial of pleasures for a time for the same spiritual purpose too.

That is to say, the Holy Spirit can have you fast sex (if you are married), TV, shows, internet …anything that gratifies the flesh.

(Ever heard of the Daniel fast?)

All these put together make up biblical fasting.

That said.

Now, let’s look at the actual benefits of fasting and prayers as it were.

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Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting And Prayers

The following are the spiritual benefits of fasting and prayers.

1. Spiritual Authority (Over Demons and Forces of Nature)

From the scriptures, you’d see that fasting and prayers confer on you spiritual authority.

Men and women in the Bible that weird spiritual authority and exercise supernatural influences got to such positions only after they had fasted and prayed as led by the Spirit.

Jesus Christ is a perfect example of this.

Before He went fasting as led by the Spirit for 40 days and nights, He did not demonstrate any form of spiritual power and authority.

But after the 40 days and nights of fasting and prayers, Scripture record says:

Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside.” (Luke 4:14, NIV)    

Fasting and prayers conferred on Jesus spiritual authority.

In another place, Jesus told the disciples that a certain kind of demon will only go by prayer and fasting, implying that fasting and prayers will bring the disciples into positions of power and authority where they will be able to exercise control over such demons. (See Matthew 17:21, KJV)

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2. Soul Emptying and Repositioning

King David knew about this. (See Psalm 35:13, KJV)

Fasting and prayer has the ability to humble the soul and bring it to a place where it can readily and freely be accessible to the Spirit of God.

The soul is the part of you that house your naughtiness, pride, ego and self.

But with the power of fasting, the soul can be humbled.

That is to say, the soul through fasting can lose grip of self, pride and all.

Fasting and prayers will stimulate denial of self in you.

So, if you are having to deal with arrogance and pride, fasting is the best recommendation for a cure.  

(See Psalm 69:10, AMPLIFIED)

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3. Seeking And Hearing From God

One beautiful thing fasting and prayers does is that it helps you seek God in a new dimension and at the end you will hear God.

All through Scripture, you’d see people who sought God in fasting and at the end they heard God.

Cornelius did and God spoke to him through and angel. (See Acts 10)

Some disciples did in Acts chapter 13 and the Spirit of God spoke to them.

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4. Intimacy with God

Fasting and prayer above all else foster deep intimacy with God.

If you want to constantly be in touch with heaven, then you must be a person who is given to fasting and to prayers all the time.

John the Baptist was the kind of person who walked in power and intimacy with God through fasting and prayers. (See Luke 1:80, KJV)

5. Preparation For Ministry

If God ever called you to ministry, He will call you time and again for fasting and prayers in order to prepare you for the assignment.

So among every other thing that adds up to your making as a minister of the Gospel, fasting and prayers is pivotal.

Jesus did fast and pray for 40 days and night in preparation for His 3 and half years of ministry on earth.

No wonder His ministry was a success from start to finish.

Apparently, fasting and prayers unlock the flow of the Holy Spirit’s anointing in your life for a successful ministry.

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6. A Means Of Repentance and Penance

Fasting as practiced in Scripture was a means of repentance and penance.

Nehemiah and Daniel fasted and prayed for Israel seeking God’s forgiveness and mercy for the children of Israel – repentance. (See Nehemiah 1: 4-11 and Daniel 9:1-19, KJV)

David too fasted and prayed doing penance having sinned against the Lord and against Uriah. (2 Samuel 12:15)

So biblical fasting is a sure way to show your remorse before the Lord, doing penance for your wrong doing with the goal to obtaining forgiveness from the Lord. (See also 1 Samuel 7:6 and 1 Kings 21:27, KJV)

7. Spiritual Healing

Among many other things that fasting and prayers do is that it makes for spiritual healing.

If you are wounded spiritually, fasting and prayers can restore and heal your spirit.

Spiritual wound can be sin, loss of an anointing, demonic attacks, prayerlessness and being lukewarm about the things of God.

Fasting and prayer can help restore the fire, heal the wounds and put you back on the path of faith and righteousness again.  

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8. Deliverance From Death and Destruction

Fasting and prayers can help secure God’s deliverance for you, your family, church and even a nation as a whole.

Fasting and prayer helped Esther secure the deliverance of the Jews from Haman’s plot of a genocide against them.

Whether physical, spiritual or mental, fasting and prayer can secure your deliverance from death and destruction.   

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9. Commissioning For Ministry

Through fasting and prayer, you or other persons can be commissioned for ministry.

This was a practice of the early church as seen all through the Acts of the Apostle (See Acts 13: 3 and 14:23)

You can be commissioned even by the Holy Spirit Himself for ministry through fasting and prayers.

10. Increase Revelation And Understanding Of The Word

Fasting and prayer brings increase in revelation and in understanding of the very word of God.

The Holy Spirit kind of breath on your mind for insights into the word when you fast.

(See Ephesians 1:17-19 and Isaiah 58:8 KJV)

11. Opens You Up To Seeing and Understanding The Spiritual Realm

Through fasting and prayers you can come to a place where God begins to open your spiritual eyes to see into the realm of the Spirit.

When your soul is completely subdued and your spirit takes the center stage of your life, seeing into the realm of the spirit will become a new normal for you.

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benefits of fasting and prayers

Health Benefits Of Fasting And Prayers

Apart from the spiritual benefits of fasting and prayers, there are physical and mental benefits as well:

12. Improved Physical Health

Fasting and prayer guarantees speedy recovery and health (See Isaiah 58:8, KJV).

This is so true that doctors recommend fasting as cure and management for certain ailments.

So if you are sick right now, fasting and prayer may just be your cure.

Caveat: Just only be sure that you are led of the Holy Spirit to do it.

13. Improved Mental Health

Fasting and prayer enhance and improve your mind and understanding.

It makes you of keener intellect and finer understanding in all things.

When fasting and prayer is practiced the right way and by the Spirit, you will soon discover that you are beginning to make accurate decisions and wise choices.

The breath and divine influence of the Spirit on your mind will make you think right and straight and act wise and well. (Isaiah 58:8, 11:2-3)

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Types Of Biblical Fasting

To conclude this post on benefits of fasting and prayers, it will be well also for you to know something of the different types and kinds of fasting practiced in Scripture.

1. Absolute fast

Absolute fast is when you fast food, water and all other pleasure completely for a time or period of time.

Moses, Elijah and Paul practiced this kind of fast. (Exodus 34:28, 1 Kings 19:8, Acts 9:9)

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2. Total fast

Total fast is when you fast only food for a time or period of time.

Jesus and Paul practiced this kind of fast. (Luke 4:1-2, 2 Corinthians 11:27)

3. Partial fast (and Denial)

Partial fast or denial is when you fast drink (not necessarily water), TV, internet or other things that gratify the flesh for a time or a period of time.

Daniel practiced this kind of fast in the Bible (otherwise known as Daniel fast)

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There’s so much to gain when you fast and pray, truly the benefits of fasting and prayers are amazing.

You stand to gain spiritually, mentally and physically.

You stand to gain spiritual power and authority, insights into the word and fresh new revelation of scriptures.

You also do your body and mind great good – health and sharper intellect.

These and much more are the benefits of fasting and prayers that you stand to gain in the short and long run.

Did you know you can actually shape history through fasting and prayers?

So much more my friend!

Take advantage of the power of fasting and prayer.

All the best!

13 Amazing Biblical Benefits Of Fasting And Prayers


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  1. This post on fasting and prayer has bring light on my understanding and clear every doubts that I had towards my fasting and prayer. I always not serious when I fast but this post have clearly explain on what to do during fast. I really appreciate and thank faith victorious for the divine wisdom to impart the kind of knowledge to me about fasting and prayer.

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