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11 Valuable Things To Do While Fasting And Praying

things to do while fasting and praying

Let me show you in this guide, how to go about fasting and praying the right way; things to do while fasting and praying.

You may be experienced or new to the business of fasting and praying, I call it a business because prayer is a real, serious business with God.

Whatever your position, there may be something new to learn.

See, prayer is way more than asking for things from God, it is actually joining forces with God in carrying out His will on the earth.

Your faith life is as robust as your prayer life.

That’s how foundation and strategic prayer is to your Christian faith.

And when you want to go the extra mile in seeking God, you may want to add fasting to your prayer.

With fasting, (denying yourself of pleasure: food, sleep, sex, drink, TV, whatever it is you want to fast, to spend some more time seeking God), you can reach spiritual heights and depths with God that you may never reach otherwise.

Plus, you can pull down walls and limitations that may have been stumbling blocks on your path of progress (progress of any kind and in any area of your life) by exerting more spiritual pressure on the walls through fasting until they all come crumbling down.

You can also be equipped with power to cast out devils and heal the sick when you go the extra mile adding fasting to your prayer.

Great, right!

That said, let’s now see a few things you are to do while fasting and praying.

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Things To Do While Fasting And Praying

Let’s get to it; not in any particular order, here are some valuable and important things to do while fasting and praying so you will be able to make the most of your fasting and praying time.

1. Give Yourself to Praise And Worship

Your fasting and praying time should be a time for intense worship.

It is a time to go before the Lord in prostration, kneeling down and or lifting up of the hands praising and worshipping the beauty of holiness.

Suppose you know what worship is!

It is the interaction of your human spirit with the Spirit of Holiness, it is beholding and looking into God’s holiness.

In worship you acknowledge God for who He is, you call and hallow His name; ‘Holy is your name.’

You bow before His holiness in contemplation of His greatness, power and beauty.

Read my book, to know more about worship.

2. Humble Yourself in Repentance, Ask For Cleansing and Fresh Fire

For fasting to be right from start, you may have to seek God for cleansing and fresh fire.

Take a deep look into your life, see if your attitude is right before the Lord. If it is not, then adjust your mind by turning it over to God in righteousness.

Ask the Lord to search you deeply, to try your heart and your thoughts (See Psalm 139:23, KJV).

Then ask Him to cleanse you from every sin and evil.

Then at long last, ask Him to anoint you afresh with fire and power having cleansed you.

In all, keep an attitude of humility.

3. Forgive

Jesus said in Scriptures, when you stand praying forgive… (Mark 11:25, KJV).

That is truer when you are fasting.

You cannot and must not hold un-forgiveness in your heart while praying and fasting.

Call the person’s name and declare that you have forgiven him or her as you are praying.

Then and only then can you be standing right and in position to pray prayers that avail much.

Un-forgiveness, bitterness, resentment will stand in your way to praying and receiving from the Lord.  

4. Meditation

Meditation is power, it is not silence or thinking as it were.

It is muttering God’s word to yourself.

Call it soliloquies, that’s what it is.

Through meditation, you are able to internalize revelation, light from God’s word that the Holy Spirit has opened your mind to.

It is God’s prescription for success, good success in any area of life.

In your time of fasting and prayer, set meditation time; time where you sit away from distractions, or when you go for a walk, just muttering and talking God’s word to yourself.

That’s actually the idea behind prayer-walk.

You are not shouting your prayer, you are talking them under your breath, at least, loud enough for you to hear yourself.

This is power, it creates an atmosphere around you; atmosphere of power and faith.

The end result is good success. (See Joshua 1:8, KJV)

5. Read, Devour Scriptures and Anointed Books

One practice you must observe in your time of fasting and praying is the voracious consumption of the Holy Scripture and other anointed books.

If you have been reading 1 chapter of Scripture in a day before, now, you will have to go for at least 3, 5 to 10 relevant chapters is better.

Take some good time out on studying of the word and reading anointed books.

See, how much of scriptures you can study in 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, you know.

Set the time and see to it that you stay with studying for 2, 3 or 4 hours.

You may be shocked to know having set a time, how much little time you may have been spending studying Scriptures before now.

This will test your commitment, staying power, focus and retention.

Try it.

6. Give Yourself Time To Actually Pray

It called fasting and praying; that means you are abstaining from food and every other thing that gives you pleasure to seeking God with your undivided attention, focus and time.

What’s next is to really pray.

Don’t be like the many people who go fasting but don’t pray.


i. Set A Time For Prayer

To make the most of your prayer time, set a time to pray.

5am in the morning, 12 noon, 5pm in the evening and 12 am in the middle of the night may be good time to pray.

Give at least 2 hours from the time set (say 12am to 2 am, 5pm to 7pm) to really pray. And you will be shocked at the number of hours you would have put into real prayer in 24 hours if you are fasting for 1 day.

Multiply that with 3 days if you are fasting for 3 days, 7 days or more and you will be amazed and even excited at the hours you have invested in prayer.

ii. Set A Place for Prayer

Apart from setting prayer time, also set aside a particular place or spot to do your praying.

God honors prayer time kept in set apart prayer places.

You will be surprise that angels of God will be going to and from that spot, taking your prayers to heaven and bringing the answers back again.

God will meet you in that place and within the time set if you keep your commitment to the prayer time and place.

iii. Pray In The Spirit And understanding

While you pray, be sure to do your prayer in the spirit as much as you do in understanding.

Yes, pray, worship and praise God in your understanding, but pray all the more in the spirit.

A lot more ground is covered in 2 hours of praying in the spirit than you would in understanding alone.

Don’t miss out on the most spiritually advanced way to pray.

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7. Enquire

Most of the time the answer and solution to your challenges is found in what is called the Prayer of Enquiring.

To enquire in prayer is to address a question to God and then expect an answer from Him.

God will talk to you, if you ask Him question.

Just show a willingness to know and then give action to that desire by asking of the Lord what and what, this and that, why and why, which and which, when and where, He will answer you if you listen.

So instead of bombarding the throne of grace with thousands of prayers, it may just be well for you to seek God in question and answers and He will come to you.  

8. Rest And Listen To Hear From God

Having prayed, you need to rest and listen.

Take the time off to rest in between prayer time, meditation and studying of the word to hear from God.

Be deliberate about rest, knowing full well that that is your time to listen, hear and receive from God.

While resting, try to sleep if you can.

That way, you may see a vision, fall into a trance, hear a voice…God will speak to you.

You resting time is your listening and receiving time.

Walk in this consciousness, rest with that consciousness.

9. Give Thanks

Your fasting and praying is not complete without the giving of thanks.

Have special times of praying the prayer of thanksgiving.

Thank God deeply and sincerely from the depth of your heart, thank Him in anticipation to answer prayer.

Thank Him ahead of the miracles, blessing and answers to prayers.

Thanksgiving is your faith giving expression to the greatness, goodness and ability of God to do.

Thanksgiving keeps you in faith, it helps protect your faith until you see the physical manifestation of answer to prayer.    

10. Give Alms

One area on fasting and praying that is often overlooked is the area of giving.

Having fasted and prayed, God expects that you crown your prayer and fasting by giving, particularly giving to the poor.

Look around you, you will certainly see one that is less privilege, a hopeless lame beggar, a blind beggar, a person in need of help.

Take some money, no matter how small it is and give alms, give to that person.

If you don’t have money, give time, give kind, give your food and beverages, just make sure you give something to somebody in need.

That’s how to conclude a fast, before you go break and eat something.

Simple practice, but there’s a blessing that comes with it.      

11. Stay Hydrated

The one very last thing among the many things to do while fasting and praying is to ensure you stay hydrated all the time you are fasting and praying.

Please drink water, drink plenty of clean good water as many times as you want when fasting.

That way, you stay hydrated, strengthened and are able to really pray and give your best shot to fasting.

And if you are doing dry fast; fasting without drinking water at all, please do not go for more than 3 days.

Go 3 days, break the fast, take a break for a week or two and go again if you are cut out or given to dry fast or if you feel that’s the kind of fast God is leading you to do.    

3 days max, is best for your health.

You need to be alive to fast and pray, you need to stay alive to see and receive the answers to your labor in prayer.

Please, do not let zeal without knowledge (ignorance) kill you before your time!

A word is enough for the wise.

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On and on and one, there is so much that can be said about things to do while fasting and praying, but the aforementioned will help you make the most of fasting and praying time.

Do them and you will see the impact your fasting and praying time will start to make from today.

You will come off fasting and praying with satisfaction, fulfillment, knowing that you have touched the throne of the Father and that what is left is the physical manifestation of the answer to prayer.

That’s the way to go

That’s how to maximize your fasting and praying time..

 God bless you.

All the best!

11 Valuable Things To Do While Fasting And Praying


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