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Fasting And Praying For Relationship Restoration: The Bible Way

fasting and praying for relationship restoration

It is possible that through prayer and fasting, relationships can be restored.

It is to this end that we put together this guide on fasting and praying for relationship restoration to help you.

Anything can be restored as far as God is concerned.

Time can be restored, wealth can be restored, family can be restored, fortunes can be restored, businesses and estates can be restored; the example of Job serves us well. (See Job 42:10, KJV)

Relationship, at whatever level and with whoever, can be restored.

It can be done through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Did you realize that the word ‘restore’ is a verb, it is a power word.

It means to fix, mend, to return something or someone back to its original, usable and functioning condition.

Human beings through knowledge and all that, can mend and fix things, but it is only God that can return a heart, a life, a person, a relationship back to its original state.

That tells you how limited man is.

He can fix things, mend a broken bone, but cannot fix a broken heart, cannot restore a crushed spirit.   

But thank God that Jesus is in the business of doing that; bind up broken hearts, heal and restore to its original and functioning state again as if nothing has ever gone wrong in the first place.



Ready to add fasting to your prayer to make this happen?

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Why Fasting And Praying For Relationship Restoration

God answers prayers whether you fast or not.

But when you have prayed and it seems like the challenge has continue to defy prayers, then it’s time to add fasting to your prayer.

It may be that the problem is not with God, the problem is not with you, but with a principality, a demon that is laying claim to a certain aspect of your life and through that claim, militating against your receiving answers to prayers.

When you fast, you are able to deal with the devil interfering with your reception or receiving.

You will notice, we did not say the devil is hindering your prayers from being heard by God, no.

He can only interfere with your receiving and not with God hearing you – your end, not God’s end. (See Daniel 10:12-13, KJV)

It may also be that when you fast, you are able to stay away from distraction and busyness that are beclouding your mind from hearing and receiving from God.

Fasting most of the time is a game changer.

It doesn’t change God but you.

It brings you to a place of power where you can put pressure on a challenge and have it come crashing down.

Yes, fasting can help make a way or help you see a way where apparently there was no way.

In effect, it helps to release God’s power and intervention into a situation, bringing it into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

How To Fast And Pray For Relationship Restoration

Whatever the type of relationship you want restored, marital, family, parent – child (children) master – servant, boss – employee, pastor – member, all are possible if you know to pray and fast the right, scriptural way.

These steps to fasting and praying will help get the job done.

1. Seek Repentance

One way to show repentance towards God is through fasting (See Psalm 35:13b, KJV).

A lot of Old Testament saints and even new, practiced this.

But what does repentance has to do with relationship restoration!

The foundation for most broken relationships (not all) is sin.

Many a man will not want to keep a relationship when sin has taken the hold and center of the relationship.

See, if you give your body in sex to a man that you are not married to, the probability of him marrying you will become slim.

Do you know why?

In his mind, he thinks that if you are giving him sex, you will most likely be giving it to another man elsewhere and somewhere.

That accounts for the reason why he does not want to see you close to or talking with another man.

(Can you relate with that now!)

Suspicion and doubt in relationship are born on the pillar and foundation of sin.

So, if what you are looking at restoring is emotional relationship, then you have to first show penance through fasting.

That will create an enabling environment for you to pray and have your prayers answered.

2. Deal With Bitterness

Another thing to deal with to have your relationship restored, is bitterness.

You may have to take a day or two to fast and deal with bitterness otherwise your prayers will not fly.

Forgive the other person, let him or her go.

Release them in your heart and then you will be at a more vantage spiritual position to pray and receive answers to prayers.

You may have to fast and pray to deal with every root of bitterness that the trouble in your relationship may have had on your spirit.

3. Make A List Of Prayer Points

Some persons go praying with no definiteness in their requests.

You need to be definite to have God come through for you.

A prayer list helps you organize your prayer need on paper.

That way, you are able to stay on point and focused as you pray.

Do all you can to make a list of prayer points as you fast, it will help you get started, focused, definite and going.

4. Get Scriptures To Support And Back Up Your Prayers

The most viable ground to stand on if you want to fast and pray for results is God’s word.

If you have a scriptural backing for your prayer point, then you have God’s YES to the prayer.

God is under obligation to honor His word, so when you take His word back to Him in prayer, He will honor His word in your hands and by extension honor you.

Plus, having scriptural backing for your prayers is cool, but it is coolest when you pray those scriptures themselves.

Yes, praying God’s word, scripture is the clearest way to talk to God, speaking His own language.

And God will hear, honor and answer to His own language.

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5. Set A Time And Place To Pray

As you take out time to pray, be sure to set a particular time of the day, it can be 3 times in a day to meet with the Lord.

And when you set the time, make sure you keep it and be on-time.

Don’t come late into your meeting place with the Lord.

Plus, set aside a place, spot, a corner in your house, room or parlor to meet with God all the time you will be fasting and praying.

And be sure that you keep that place holy and use it all the time you are fasting and praying.

You will be shocked how that God will meet you in that place and time you set and if you keep it.

6. Pray In Faith, Expecting

No expectation, no receiving.

Please, there’s no point going fasting and praying for something you are not even sure will happen.

Don’t waste time fasting and praying if you are not expecting God to answer you and come through for you.

Without faith, you can’t please God and you can’t get anything from Him.

7. Believe You Receive

Having prayed, believe you receive.

Put this way; pray yourself to the point where you know that you have received what you are asking God for.

You may ask, how do I know this, how do I come to this place in my prayer!

The answer is for you to stay in prayer until faith, a tangible assurance rises up in your spirit, until a knowing, a knowledge that you cannot explain, but have, comes to you.

And you will know it when it comes.

That’s the moment, you know it is done.

God has answered your prayers.

That’s the point of receiving.   

8. Talk and Act like You’ve Received

After you’ve prayed and received the knowledge, a knowing that God has heard you and that you have received what you ask of from the Lord, then start to act and talk like you have received.

Begin to confess that your relationship has been restored.

Begin to see in your mind, in the mind of your spirit, your spouse, friend, and partner and or whoever it is you are seeking God for in restoration coming back.

What you see, will become.

What you say will materialize.

9. Stay In Thanksgiving

While you are talking faith and confessing you have received, you will also need to learn to keep your faith strong and going through thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the cure for weak faith. (See Romans 4:19-20, NIV)

Keep thanking God that you have received, keep praising Him for the reality you are seeing in your spirit and stay that way any time the thought of that relationship crosses your mind.

Don’t pray about it again, just keep thanking God for it.

And in no time, you reap the result of your prayer if you faint not. (See Hebrews 10:35-36, KJV)

10. Wait For The Manifestation of the Answer to Prayer

Don’t make the mistakes that others make; they come off fasting and praying expecting the physical, practical manifestation of answered to prayers in a day or two, and when they don’t see anything tangible, they start to complain.

Your complaint will repudiate the prayers you have prayed. (See Numbers 14: 27-28, KJV)

Your complaint will shut out the power of God from coming through for you with answers.

There’s a time involvement in the delivering of your answers, it may be a day, a week, a month or even a year.

No matter how long it takes for it to come, wait for it, it will come.

Wait in faith, wait believing, wait in thanksgiving and at long last, you will receive if you do not give up.

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Yes a lot can be said and done about fasting and praying for relationship restoration, but we think the above is clear enough and can really help.

Yes, do all you can to have your relationship restored, at least one that is worth it and that you think and know God wants restored.

Not all broken relationships will be restored, no matter how you pray and fast.

That’s because God does not want and or ordain it in the first place.

So first thing first, be sure God signs and approves of the relationship you want restored.

Then also be sure, the relationship is still redeemable.

Then and then can you go fasting and praying for the restoration of such relationship.


If the man you’ve been dating for 4 years, thinking you are going to end up marrying him suddenly shows up with another woman, with printed wedding invitation cards, then what are going to do.

And then if they went ahead and marry, do you still need to be fasting and praying for restoration of such relationship.


Move on and fast and pray rather for another relationship, and this time, a trusted and worthy one.

One last thing: you may want to take your prayers a higher level, praying in the Holy Ghost.

That way, you are able to pray beyond your prayer list into the very mind and will of God for your very life. (See Romans 8:26-27, NIV)

His will and mind for you by the way, is better than all else and best for you.

It is the safest and peaceful place on earth.

May you find God’s ultimate will in this matter, in Jesus’ name!


God bless you.

All the best.

Fasting And Praying For Relationship Restoration: The Bible Way


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