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Fasting And Praying For A Baby: A Scriptural Guide

fasting and praying for a baby

If after all the prayers said over you by men and women of God for a baby seem not to be working, think it’s time you do it yourself, go the extra mile, fasting and praying for a baby all by yourself.

Sometimes, you need to give something for some things to break.

Yes, you do not necessarily have to add fasting to your prayer before God comes through for you, but you may need to when what you are asking for is not forth coming as it were.

At that point, you are not just praying asking of God, no.

You are dealing with some other forces that are resisting your breakthrough. 

It doesn’t cost God anything to hear and answer your prayer, Jesus makes that possible big time.

But there may be ‘this kind’ that cannot go except fasting is added to your prayer. (See Matthew 17:21, KJV)

If that’s correct, then, it’s time you take the step of faith, violence and going the extra mile to pull down forces that are resisting your breakthrough, so you can obtain the promise. (See Matthew 11:12, KJV)

Let me show you how. 

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Why Fasting And Praying For A Baby

You don’t have to fast to have God come through for you, but if what you dealing with seem to be defiling prayers then you need to add fasting to your prayer.

In that case, a demon, a force, something in the realm of darkness is militating with your prayer and reception.

So, here’s why you should go the extra mile now fasting and praying for a baby.

1. To Break Yokes

Through fasting and praying, you are able to break whatever the yoke is that is stopping you from having a baby.

A lot of people have underlying spiritual issues, issues that unless dealt with, prayers may be a waste of time.

A yoke stops a person from moving and or sets a limit to how far a person can go.

Have you ever seen an animal in yoke?

There are places it cannot go to or enter into because of the hindrance and limitation placed on it by the yoke.

And unless that yoke is removed, the animal is limited.

When you fast and pray, you break whatever yoke, demonic and spiritual that may have been placed on you that is hindering and stopping you from receiving from the Lord.  

2. To Loose The Bands Of Wickedness

A band is an unofficial association of people or group.

In this case, an association of wicked men and women, living or dead who have vowed that you can have children

In fasting, you are able to rout them, undo what they have done and then are able to have your breakthrough.

3. To Cast Out Demons

A lot more people are held down, stopped by demons from having children.

Most people who have problems of having sex in the dream always have problem with having babies.

Some women are violated by demons in their sleep when they are in their ovulation period, and as such cannot get pregnant.

They know it, they have been observing the pattern; every time they are in their ovulation, when they stand the highest chance of getting pregnant, a demon comes to defile them in their sleep and that is all, the chances of getting pregnant is aborted.

This is one demon that needs fasting and prayer to cast out.

Apply the force of fasting and prayer to deal with this demon.

4. For Revelation And Insight Into The Matter

You also fast and pray to have God show you the way out of the problem.

Sometimes, it in fasting and in praying that God will open your eyes and reveal to you what the underlying curse of your problem is.

It may just be a curse that is on the family or on you, God will show you.

It may be a principality or familiar spirit that is holding every married daughter in your family bound; ‘they must not have children when they marry’ the demon had vowed.

But through fasting, you are able to see into the root cause of the problem and also able to know what to do exactly to break free from the opposition.

It is clear, when you fast and pray, God will speak to you or show you what you are really dealing with and He will also show you how to deal with it.

5. For Release Of His power

Through fasting, the power of God can become intense.

And through praying, you can deploy and release that intense power against or on any stubborn problem and it will come down.

God’s power is all He needs, to destroy the problem of child bearing in your life.

Make contact with His power in fasting and release it through power to have the job done.

That said, let us now look at how you are to embark on fasting and prayer for effective results.

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How To Fast And Pray For A Baby

1. Set A Time And A Place

Don’t just go fasting and praying without setting time for prayer and a place to also pray.

Set time and stay with the time.

You can start your prayer early in the morning by 5am, then 12pm, and 5pm.

If you are going to be fasting for more than one day, then see to it that you maintain those set time.

Also, set a place for prayer.

It could be a room in your house, a spot in your sitting room or compound.

You cannot afford to be pray in one room or place this morning and go to another place in the afternoon to pray.

No, set a place and use that one place all the time you are fasting and praying.

It is a simple spiritual practice…and God will meet you there, in the place and on time.

2. Get Scriptures That Cover Your Case

Look for bible verses and passages that cover your prayers and request for children.

It’s on the basis of these scriptures that God will answer you.

(See Psalm 113:9, Exodus 23:26, Isaiah 54:1)

3. Pray In Faith

Prayers done and or motivated by fear and emotion will not work.

To make the most of your prayer time, first convince yourself with scriptures that God is good, will hear you and that you will receive of Him.

Pray believing, pray with confidence in God’s word, His faithfulness and integrity.

Pray with real expectation; look out for answer to your prayers even while you are praying.

Go meet with your husband after prayer, go get a baby’s dress after prayer.

Start seeing yourself being pregnant and carrying your baby.

That’s faith, that’s how to stand in faith having prayed.

4. Receive

The problem with believers most of the time is not really prayer (though a lot pray out of emotions and outside of God’s provision in His word), the problem is with receiving.

When you pray, receive, that’s what Jesus said. (See Mark 11:23-24, KJV)

Here’s how I know a person that has received: he goes from praying to thanking God.

He transits from praying to praising, to singing.

He moves from being moody to be joyful, filled with the Spirit.

Pray to the point of receiving; pray until you are sure that you have received and when that happens, begin to sing and to praise God.

That will be it.   

5. Waiting In Thanksgiving

Now that you have received, you will still need to wait in time for the physical or practical manifestation of the answer to prayer.

Yes, there will be a waiting time.

9 to 12 months waiting time for you that are praying and fasting for a baby.

Did you get that?

Wait, until you see the physical evidence of what you’ve received in prayer.

And all the time you are waiting, stay thankful, live thankful.

That’s what will keep your faith intact.

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. And being fully persuaded that, what He had promised, He was able also to perform (Romans 4:20-21)

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That’s it, you can stake your life on God’s word and you will be sure to have what you ask.

Prayer and fasting will produce for you if you do it in faith and with expectation.

‘This kind’ that is staying on your way to having a baby will go when you practice prayer and fasting in the light of the above, in the light of God’s word.

Don’t quit because you have been praying and nothing seems to happen, do it one more time, this time around and you will see the glory of God.

Waiting to celebrate with you on the birth of your baby.

lastly, don’t forget to also engage in praying in the spirit and in tongues in your time of fasting and prayer.

And may the power of God make happen for you what you’re asking and seeking God for, in Jesus’ name.


God bless you.

Fasting And Praying For A Baby: A Scriptural Guide


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