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31 Helpful Scriptures To Read While Fasting And Praying

Here are inspiring, helpful and faith-filled scriptures to read while fasting and praying. They will stir your faith to take a hold of God – that’s exactly what you need in time of waiting, fasting and praying. Don’t just go fasting and praying without arming yourself with scriptures that promise the blessings of God that […]

31 Fasting And Prayer Scriptures For Breakthrough

Here are fasting and prayer scriptures for breakthrough you can stand on as you seek God for breakthrough. God’s word is the basis for praying and receiving anything from the Lord. If you come to God seeking and asking Him for breakthrough, your surest stand is His word, that is, scriptures that you can hold […]

19 Great Benefits Of Fasting And Prayer Scriptures

If you are searching for scriptures to support fasting and prayer, this post tagged: benefits of fasting and prayer scriptures is it for you. You know, the safest and most solid ground to stand with God is His word. For everything you are seeking God for, there’s a scripture passage that promises it. And best […]

Fasting And Praying For Relationship Restoration: The Bible Way

It is possible that through prayer and fasting, relationships can be restored. It is to this end that we put together this guide on fasting and praying for relationship restoration to help you. Anything can be restored as far as God is concerned. Time can be restored, wealth can be restored, family can be restored, […]

Fasting and Praying For Marriage Restoration: A Quick Guide

It is possible to have your marriage back no matter how bad things have become, this guide on fasting and praying for marriage restoration will show you how. Many marriages are on the verge of collapse, a lot have already. Whether yours has completely disintegrated and have even resulted in separation, God can still restore […]

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