How To Get A Prayer Answered In 24 Hours: 7 Proven Biblical Ways

Here’s how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours. God’s timely word prayed in faith and under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit will deliver answers in minutes, within the hour. Now, through God’s sure word, you know His will, you know what He wants done and what He wants you do. […]

How To Hear God’s Voice When Making A Decision: A Quick Guide

Here’s how to hear God’s voice when making a decision. It is in one simple word: PEACE. And then this peace is further confirmed and established in your heart by an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. Simple! See, hearing God’s voice is a right and a wholesome privilege of every Christian, it should not […]

How Do You Pray Against The Spirit Of Confusion!

If you are asking, ‘how do you pray against the spirit of confusion,’ then this post is for you. Confusion can be traumatizing; this is because there are usually bad, evil spirits behind it. Confusion in a person’s mind, church, meeting, place, marriage, doesn’t just happen; they are planned and executed by demons of darkness. […]

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