Faith Victorious

This Is The Victory That Has Overcome The World, Even Our Faith.


Why Did Jesus Pray Early In The Morning? (Why You Should)

Our focus today is on the question: ‘Why did Jesus pray early in the morning?’ Every great saint in the Bible had the practice of waking up very early in the morning to pray. See examples of Abraham (Genesis 19:27), Jacob (Genesis 28:18), Moses (Exodus 34:4), Joshua (Joshua 6:12), Gideon (Judges 7:1), Elkanah and family […]

Difference Between Prayer And Worship: Does It Matter?

Today, I want us to briefly look at the difference between prayer and worship. Why should you even border yourself about any difference between prayer and worship? If there are differences, does it matter? And why should you care at all. Hey, my friend, there are some gap between worship and prayer. There are some […]

The Power Of Praise And Worship In Spiritual Warfare

Today, I want us to look at the power of praise and worship in spiritual warfare. When you pray, God answers you by giving His angels charge to attend to your needs. But when you praise and worship God, He takes on the battle Himself and assumes the responsibility to answer your prayer all by […]

How To Know If A Dream Is From God: 7 Sure Signs

Here’s how to know if a dream is from God. For short, you know a dream is from God when it becomes repetitive and disturbing, when it communicates a special message with divine instructions, when it has double impact on you, when it does not contradict God’s word and when it receives the endorsement of […]

How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life: 7 Sure Signs

If you are asking: How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life, here are a few signs you will need to consider. But first, let me assure you that God is a God of purpose, He does not waste time on things and people. He planned your life, everything and every aspect […]

How To Get A Prayer Answered In 24 Hours: 7 Proven Biblical Ways

Here’s how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours. God’s timely word prayed in faith and under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit will deliver answers in minutes, within the hour. Now, through God’s sure word, you know His will, you know what He wants done and what He wants you do. […]

How To Hear God’s Voice When Making A Decision: A Quick Guide

Here’s how to hear God’s voice when making a decision. It is in one simple word: PEACE. And then this peace is further confirmed and established in your heart by an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. Simple! See, hearing God’s voice is a right and a wholesome privilege of every Christian, it should not […]

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