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How To Know If A Dream Is From God: 7 Sure Signs

how to know if a dream is from God

Here’s how to know if a dream is from God.

For short, you know a dream is from God when it becomes repetitive and disturbing, when it communicates a special message with divine instructions, when it has double impact on you, when it does not contradict God’s word and when it receives the endorsement of the divine presence of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, there are several ways to knowing if a dream is from God, but there are some very sure signs.

These ways are what we are going to be looking into in this post on how to know if a dream is from God.


Let’s get started.

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how to know if a dream is from God

How To Know If dream Is From God

There are several sources of dreams, but the following are some of the ways to know if a dream is from God or not.

1. Repetitive and Disturbing

Dream from God can be repetitive and sometimes troubling.

Did you read about Pharaoh the King of Egypt and his repetitive and troubling dream? (Genesis 41)

Did you also read of Joseph’s repetitive that was (brothers and father disturbing? (Genesis 37)

Did you read of Apostle Peter’s repetitive and disturbing dream? (Acts 10:9-16)

All these dreams were from God.

When a dream is from God, it will come repetitively and sometimes disturbing until you get the message and act upon it.

When you begin to ask yourself, ‘why am I always having this dream,’ then you are beginning to ask the right question.

God wants to get your attention with something – the message of the dream, but since you are not getting it, He will keep bringing it back until you realize it and attend to it.

He will keep using the dream to disturb you until you wake up and look to Him to know what and why of the dream.

God calls and gets attentions by repetitive dreams.

2. Communicates A Message With Divine Instructions

Not all dreams are from God, but real and true dreams from the Lord comes with a message, a unique message with divine instructions.

Otherwise, it is not from Him.

God does not waste time and energy on things.

At least, dreams are one of the authentic ways the Holy Spirit communicates to the believer today in this age and time. (See Joel 2:28-32, NIV)

And such dream must and always communicates and delivers a message.

And that message must be in sync with His word.

He will not give a message in dream that violates His word, know that.

A dream without a message and no meaning is not from God, don’t bother yourself about it.

So how to now a dream is from God is to check to see if it comes with a message and with instructions.

3. Double Impact

Again, you know a dream is from God when it has a double impact on your soul and your body.

Have you ever gotten up from sleep, awake from a dream and you start to feel the effect of the dream in your body as well as your spirit?

Many people have.

Such a dream is deeply spiritual and most often comes from God.

You had a dream that somebody touched your right palm with His hand and something went into the hand like fire and when you woke up, you continue to feel the fire in the palm just like you felt it in your dream.

Such dreams are usually from God.

They are usually signs and evidence of divine impartation from the Lord.

So watch out for such dreams, they may be from the Lord.  

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4. The Impression and Presence Of The Holy Spirit

One of the proofs that a dream is from the Lord is the immediate impression and presence of the Holy Spirit on you which comes as a signature of the Holy Spirit on the dream.

Every true and meaningful dream from the Lord will have the signature and endorsement of the Holy Spirit on it through the impression and expression of the divine presence.

The moment you wake up from a dream and then feel an overpowering presence of the Holy Spirit, just be sure that that dream is from the Lord.  

5. Clarity and Plainness

A true dream from the Lord does not come in hassle and fizzle, it must be clear and plain.

When you have a dream and you are not able to even put together the dream; its symbols, signs and words, then it is as good as not from the Lord.

Don’t even waste your time thinking on such dreams

God does not confuse with dreams.

God does not give annoying, useless, scattered and complicated dreams.

He instructs with plainness and clarity as in dreams, the very same way He does with His word and the Spirit.

His word, His message is clear, straight forward and must be easily understood.

6. Understanding

Another beautiful thing about dreams that come from God is the understanding that comes with the dream.

Does it mean that you will immediately understand every dream that God gives you?

Know, not always so!

But one thing is sure, when a dream comes from God, it will be clear and with a little rumination here and there, the understanding will come.

At other times, it may take a few days or some events and things to happen for you to have the complete understanding of the dream, but at least, the dream must be cleared and understood from your own point of view until God gives you the complete meaning and understanding.

It must not leave you more confused and frustrated.

What will good will it do God to give you a dream that you do not understand.

If you do not understand it, then He cannot hold you accountable to not carrying out the instructions or message of the dream.

He speaks plainly and clearly to His people in this New Covenant era today, clear and plain enough for you to understand.  

7. Peace Of Mind

God speaks in the language of peace.

A dream from God communicates and gives the assurance of peace.

Even a disturbing dream from the Lord will leave His peace deep in your spirit.

So look out for the very peace of God within your spirit and heart in the midst of a dream, when that is assured, that is a sure sign that your dream is from God.   

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how to know if a dream is from god

Sources of Dreams

Now, let’s talk a little about the sources of dreams before we round off on this subject on how to know if a dream is from God.

Dreams are from different sources.

1. God

2. The Devil

3. Your Soul

These 3 sources are what defines your dreams.

A dream from God comes with a message, an instruction, peace and understanding.

Dreams from Satan are oppressive, frustrating, dehumanizing, antagonizing, defaming and defiling.

Dreams from the soul and selfish, ambitious and sometimes deceptive.


Nonetheless exhaustive, these are some of the major and most importance sign to check for in other to know if a dream is from God or not.

These telltale signs are keys to understanding your dreams and to taking them serious as well.

What more, we trust that you have a good guide in this post on how to know if a dream is from God.

Check up with every of the key factors listed above and also be mindful of the source of the dream.

By the ways, the pointers to knowing whether a dream is from God or not is also a good check to knowing the source of your dream.

How To Know If A Dream Is From God: 7 Sure Signs


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