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How To Hear God’s Voice Clearly: 9 Simple Ways

how to hear god's voice clearly

In a nutshell, here’s how to hear God’s voice clearly.

You hear God’s voice clearly when when your mind is at rest, quiet and at peace.

You hear His voice even more clearly when you listen keenly and intently to Him.

You will get a distortion of His voice when your heart is troubled; that is, when your mind is full of anxiety, worries, fear and confusion.

God is always speaking but why are you not hearing Him clearly?

May be because of so many things.

Well, we will talk about that later.

But straight on, let us quickly jump in on how to hear God’s voice clearly while simultaneously looking at how God actually speaks to you today.

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how to hear gods voice clearly

How To Hear God’s Voice Clearly

God speaks clearly all the time, there are no haze on His voice, therefore, you should hear him clearly too.

And here’s how He speaks, so you can know what to watch out for.

You hear God’s voice clearly:

1. Through His Word

The Word of God, the Holy Scripture is the voice of God in print.

You hear Him clearly in it than you would any other way.

You may be saying, yes, I know the Bible is clear and precise but there’s nothing in it about who I’m to marry, so how do I hear that from the Scripture!

You see, any voice or word that you hear or receive that contradicts and contravene the Holy Scripture is not the voice of God.

Now, the Holy Spirit will speak to you on specifics but in general, the word of God written is the holy guide.

It says for instance that a believer should not yoke with an unbeliever in a marriage relationship. (2 Corinthians 6:14, KJV)

That’s clear enough for you to hear.

You are only permitted by God to marry in the Lord, any other way to marry is not of the Lord.

So you see, how clearly God speaks in his Word.

Study God’s holy written word and you will see and learn how to hear God’s voice clearly.

2. In Meditation

One way to hear God’s voice and hear it clearly is through meditation.

But meditation on what?

On the written word of course!

It is through meditation (deep rumination on Scripture verses) that you sieve the wheat from the chaff. 

It is at such moment that the Holy Spirit works on your mind to shine divine light and insights on scriptures bringing about the ‘aha’ moment.

That’s when light break on you, truth becomes clear to you, revelation is born in you and the voice of God comes strong to you.

Meditation on the word is one sure way to hearing God’s voice clearly.

3. In Prayer

God speaks when you pray.

The voice of God came strong and clear to Jesus when He was praying after His baptism at the river Jordan.

The same happened again at the mount of transfiguration.

God is the same today as He was then.

When you pray, God interrupts you with His voice.

Whether audibly or by just deep impression in the heart, God’s voice that comes to you when you are praying will always come clear, definite and very assuring.

4. Through The Audible Voice of the Spirit

Still on how to hear God’s voice clearly.

God’s voice comes through the audible voice of the Holy Spirit.

I know like many other Christians in the world, you will rather prefer to have God speak to you audibly than any other way.

Well, it is God’s prerogative and initiative; He chooses the way and manner He speaks to believers at any point in time.

But whether audibly or any other way, He speaks to the heart and mind as clearly as possible, but it is yours to hear Him clearly too.

Simply, no matter how God speaks, the responsibility to hear Him clearly rests on you.   

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5. Through Angels

God speaks today through angels and when He does, the message is always clear, concise and definite.

But are you supposed to go seeking God to send an angel to speak with you like He did Cornelius, Paul, Peter and Philip in the Bible?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

They did not seek God to speak to them that way, God made the choice and make the call.

So, leave it to the Lord in whatever way He chooses to speak to you.

But be rest assured that if you’re in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you will definitely hear God clearly whenever He speaks to you.

6. Through Prophets and Prophecies

God still speaks today clearly through prophets and prophecies and when He does it is always clear.

Be open to prophecy and you will hear God’s voice of clarity showing you the way to go.

Despise not prophesyings (1 Thessalonians 5:20)

7. Intimate Fellowship With The Lord

The surest way and simple answer to the question on how to hear God’s voice clearly is in one word: fellowship.

The real essence of the gospel is fellowship with the Father which is made possible by the Holy Spirit.

When you stay in intimate fellowship with the Spirit in prayer, worship, obedience, study of the word, you will not have problem hearing God’s voice as clearly as possible all the time.

8. Worship

In worship, the voice of God is heard and heard very clearly.

If you are a worshipper, a true worshipper of God, one that has mastered the act of worship, God will always speak to you and clearly at that.

In worship, God’s voice is heard.


9. Staying Filled With The Spirit

The Holy Spirit communicates the voice of God.

Every time you hear God speaks to you whether audibly or by the inward witness and deep premonitions, it is actually the Holy Spirit’s voice that you’re hearing.

So staying filled with the Holy Spirit always is a sure and guaranteed way to hearing God’s voice clearly, deeply and convincingly. 

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how to hear gods voice clearly

Hindrances To Hearing God’s Voice

Now that you have learned some things about how to hear God’s voice clearly, it is also important you know some things that can stop your ears from hearing God’s voice clearly.

God is always speaking and speaking loud and clear, if you are not hearing Him clearly, you are to blame.

The following are some things to check when you don’t seem to be hearing God’s voice as clearly as you should. 

1. Worry

Worry or anxiety stifles the voice of God.

Yes, God is speaking all the time, but when you are overwhelmed with anxiety, you will not be able to hear God clearly.

The cure for anxiety is “cast all your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you.”

2. Fatigue

Fatigued, burnout and real tiredness can hinder receptivity.

When you are exhausted, drained mentally and physically, you may not be in a position to hear God’s voice clearly.

The cure for this is rest. 

3. Bitterness

Bitterness is poisonous, it will poison your spirit and retard it from being able to hear God’s voice clearly.

The cure for bitterness is forgiveness, let go and trust God.   

4. Confusion

God’s voice cannot come clear to a confused mind.

So set aside all the troubles in your mind, and just REST, then you will be able to hear God’s voice clearly.

5. Fear

Fear makes coward of the brave and cripples the soul.

This is why when God comes to people, He will always tell them to ‘fear not’.

So fear not, believe, have faith, be resolute and expectant and you will be sure to catch on to God’s voice with all clarity.

6. Hopelessness

Despair is a plague.

It is not where you should be at all.

If you are feeling hopeless and at the same time asking how to hear God’s voice clearly, you may just be wasting your time asking.

A hopeless soul can never hear God.

Get into the word first and let faith rise in your heart and when hopelessness is displaced by faith and confidence expectation resulting from revelation of God’s word, then you are in the position to hear God’s voice in all clarity.

7. Unbelief

Unbelief robs of God’s voice.

What would God even say to you if you are a doubting Thomas, except to rebuke, correct and charge you to be in faith!

8. Disobedience

God does not waste His time talking to the disobedient, ask King Saul of Israel.

You will have to be walking in obedience (the much you can and know how to) to God’s revealed will in His word to have God always come talking to you.

9. Un-forgiveness

Un-forgiveness will block your spiritual eyes to hearing from God.

You have to learn to forgive quickly and for your own good if you want to continue to enjoy God’s voice of glory.

10. Grudge

Holding people in your heart, can short-circuit the voice of God from coming to you.

This is the same thing as un-forgiveness.

Don’t hold people in your mind for whatever offense or anything, that way, your spiritual ears will be all open and on alert to hear God’s voice clearly any day and anytime.  

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how to hear gods voice clearly


As you can see, there are no logics, hard and fast rules on how to hear God’s voice clearly.

You should know and recognize the voice of your Father always.

Now, if you stay in place of constant fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit, you will not have any problem hearing the voice of God.

You cannot be in intimate fellowship with the Spirit and harbor un-forgiveness, bitterness and grudge.

You cannot be in intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit and be hopeless, and be anxious, and walking in disobedience.

So the long and short of how to hear the voice of God clearly is found in your constant fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit.

That way, you will never have problem hearing God and hearing him clearly.

God bless you!

All the best! 

How To Hear God’s Voice Clearly: 9 Simple Ways


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