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How To Know God Is Talking To You: 5 Real Ways

how to know God is talking to you

Here’s how to know God is talking to you.

When God is talking to you and you are not catching on, He will talk to you more, twice, 3 times, 4 times and even more until He gets your attention.

That’s the fact.

When God was talking to little Samuel and He was not catching on, God repeated Himself 4 times before Samuel got it. (See 1 Samuel 3:1-10, NIV)

When God was talking to the Apostle Peter through a trance and He was not getting the message, He gave it to him 3 times, before he understood. (See Acts 10:9-17, KJV)

And of course, it even took the voice of the Spirit to explain the meaning of the message in the trance to Peter.

The same was true of the heathen king Pharaoh, when God was talking to Him about events that was to come that will affect the world, He gave it to him 2 times and then arrange by divine providence that Joseph will be in the scene to interpret the dream. (See Genesis 41:1-7, KJV)

Point is, when God is talking to you (whether by dream, vision, prophecy, circumstances, angels) and you are not getting it, He will come to you with the same message at least twice and most of the times, 3 times and even more, until you get it.

That’s how to know God is talking to you in a nutshell.

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how to know god is talking to you

How To Know God Is Talking To You

Just like you see above, God is persistent and He will talk to you in ways that you’ll understand.

But until you understand it, He will not stop.

You know, you should be able to recognize God’s voice, He is your Father.

You should be able to recognize every signal and move from God for you if you are walking in fellowship with the Spirit.

You should be able to hear God’s voice and recognize it if you have been walking with Him a long time in obedience, submission and on purpose.

But it case you are not in any of such position at the moment, then this post on how to know God is talking to you is it for you.

1. God uses things to catch your attention when He wants to talk with you when He discovers that you’re not in a good position to listen.

That was how He got the attention on Moses with the burning bush.

He had to put up a scene that was beyond the ordinary just to get Moses’ attention and true to it, He got his attention.

He still does that today.

2. God is persistent but seldom forceful.

God will come to you twice, 3 times or more in whatever way (dream, vision, prophecy etc) until He is able to get you to recognize He is the one talking to you.

So if you have this repetitive dream, or re-occurring vision and or repetitive prophecy about you or about a certain thing, that is proof that God is talking to you.

3. You know God is talking to you when you have thoughts, ideas that are persistent and that lingers overtime.

Plus, you know God is in it when these thoughts go away (after a while because you are irresponsive) and then come back again with even more force, convictions and persuasion.

Such thoughts and ideas are from God; they will not leave you for life until you do something about them.

That’s why they will keep coming back even after they left.

4. You know God is talking to you when you keep meeting yourself at a particular spot, corner, place and position in your life journey.

It’s like this; say you travelled north and then met a certain issue, problem or difficulty, then you left and traveled south and again you were crossed with the same problem, and then you left again and travelled east and still, you met the same resistance.

Then it’s time you sit down and ask yourself a question: “Is God speaking to me through this situation or what is going on”?

Did you get that?

5. On the extreme, God also uses circumstances and situations to talk to people.

Let us say, you are about travelling to a certain city or town, you got dressed and ready, then you took a cab that is supposed to get you to the airport.

First, half way on the journey from your house to the airport, the cab developed mechanical fault that the driver had to quickly fix before he continues.

He gets to the Auto mechanic and what was supposed to just be a minor adjustments of 5 minutes turned into 30 minutes of frustration.

Then he manages to leave after the cab was fixed to rush you down to the airport so you don’t miss your flight, but much to you and his dismay, a traffic jam was formed on the route to the airport, so bad that you were stuck in it for another 55 minutes.

Now, you are beginning to pant, sweat and to lose your patience.

Well, the cab driver apologizes to you for the delay, traffic hold up and all that.

Then he manages to find away, maneuver through some other routes to get you to the airport…. And you arrive the airport just 30 minutes to departure.

Rushing and running but still thanking your star that you can still make it, the flight attendant, then announced that the flight has been cancelled.

The plane has developed some mechanical fault and will not be able to fly.

Your flight is delayed for another 2 hours before they got another plane to go.

While hopeful and thanking your star that at last you are still able to make it, then you are told the new plane cannot fly because of weather problem.


After all said and done, you plane could not fly that day, the entire journey was cancelled because of bad weather.

Hey, at this point, all you need to do is to sit down and ask yourself some questions:

Is God talking to me?           

What’s going on?

Are you sure I should still embark on this journey or I should I just let go?

Hey, God is talking to you.

Don’t go, don’t travel at this time.

Cancel your journey and postpone it to another time.

Did you get that?

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how to know god is talking to you

How God Talks To You

God talks in so many ways but here are few of them that may resonate with you:

1. Dreams and Visions

If you don’t dream, you are in trouble.

One way God talks to Holy Spirit filled believers in this end time, is through dreams and visions.

So pay attention to your dreams.

2. Prophecy

God speaks in prophecies today as He did in time past.

It is one way the Holy Spirit ministers to the believer today.

3. Servants and Prophets

God uses his servants and prophets to speak specifics even today.

4. Thoughts

The Holy Spirit gives wholesome thoughts that are actually holy words from God.

He does speak through thoughts.

So pay attention to your mind and thoughts.

5. God speaks through His voice of peace

An inward witness that infiltrates your inner recesses with peace – is God’s voice speaking to you.

6. God speaks audibly

But don’t go praying and begging Him to speak to you this way.

How he speaks to you is His prerogative.

7. God speaks surely and most assuredly through the written word – the Holy Scriptures.

8. God speaks through angels

He does this at will, so you should not go praying and begging Him to speak to you through an angel, leave that decision to him. 

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Whatever way and form God choses to talk to you is not so much as important as what He says to you (the message), that’s the main thing.

So to go about looking for how to know God is talking to you is just one thing, but the main thing is the message, what He is saying.

So pay attention to the signs and pointers to knowing God is talking to you, but pay attention much more to what He is saying and or what He has said to you.

This way, you will not just be a hearer only, but a doer of the word.

If this post helps you, share it, pass it on.

God bless you.

All the best!

How To Know God Is Talking To You: 5 Real Ways


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