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How To Get A Prayer Answered In 24 Hours: 7 Proven Biblical Ways

Here’s how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours.

God’s timely word prayed in faith and under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit will deliver answers in minutes, within the hour.

Now, through God’s sure word, you know His will, you know what He wants done and what He wants you do.

Then when you apply your heart to such word – His promises, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you, you can have a prayer answered in few hours – even in less than 24 hours.

That said.

Now let’s go into details, on some solid steps on how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours.

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how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours

How To Get Your Prayer Answered In 24 Hours

To have a prayer answered in 24 hours depends on a number of scriptural factors.

Here are a few foundational and guaranteed ones:

1. The Will Of God

To have a prayer answered in 24 hours, you must know the mind and the will of God concerning what you are praying for. (See 1 John 5:14-15, KJV)

There are two ways to knowing the will of God:

First, God’s holy word (the Bible) is the will of God in print.

Once what you are praying for is directly covered by God’s promises in His word, then you can have it any time.

Secondly, the will of God is revealed by the Holy Spirit in matters that have no direct reference and or inference in the Scripture.

The Holy Spirit will reveal, tell and impress on you, the very will of God on a matter.

And the moment you know what God’s wants on the matter, then you can set yourself in faith to believe for it and go for it.   

2. Pray The Word, His Will

The moment you are certain about the will of God on a matter, then you go ahead and take that Will (His word) back to Him in prayer. (See Isaiah 41:21, NIV)

Praying the word or the will is the best way to have your prayers answered within the hour.

God is not interested and certainly does not get any glory from keeping you waiting for 10 years in prayer before He gives you what His word says is for you right now.

It doesn’t do Him any good.

So, the moment you know and have His word – will for it, then go for it, call His attention to His will, asking that He gives you what is rightfully yours in the immediate.     

3. Pray In The Name Of Jesus

Again, one sure way to have your prayer answered in 24 hours, is to learn to pray in Jesus name.

Jesus specifically instructed the believer to always pray in His name asking anything of the Father. (See John 16:23, KJV)

He affirms that any prayer prayed in His name to the Father will receive His endorsement, that way, committing the Father to answering such prayer.

You can have a prayer answered in 24 hours if you learn to pray in Jesus name.

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4. Commands and Decrees

Another way to have your prayer answered in 24 hours is to learn to pray prayers of decree and command.

You have authority in Christ to order things about according to God’s will.

So use the authority God has given you.

Issue decrees and give commands and you will be shocked at the results that you will get within hours.

See Matthew 18:18, KJV

5. Prophesy

Another way to have your prayer answered in 24 hours is through the gift of prophecy or by way of the operation of the prophetic.

Now, what does this mean?

Did you ever read in your bible when the prophet Elisha prophesied that the famine in Samaria will end in 24 hours? (See 2 Kings 7, KJV)

And did it happen?

It sure did, even when some persons did not believe it will happen.

Why did it happen that fast and that way?

It was because it was the prophetic word of the Lord declared.

So when God’s Spirit moves on you by way of prophecy, you can be sure that any utterance that the Spirit inspired you to utter will happen within the hour and time frame as declared by the Spirit of the Lord.

It can be in 24 hours, less than 24 hours, within the hours and even in minutes.

6. Declaration of Faith

Did you see Elijah at Mount Carmel praying and seeking God for rain to fall in Israel after 3 and half years of drought? (See 1 kings 18:41-46, KJV)

Elijah had not even seen a sigh, when he went to King Ahab with a faith declaration; ‘I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.’

But the moment he declared the word, he made the faith utterance, he went praying, saw a sign, the cloud gathered and within the hour, the rain came down in torrents ending 3 nd half years of drought.

Glory to God.

Faith proclamation provoked by the Holy Spirit is a sure way to have a prayer answered in 24 hours.

7. Angelic Assistance

Still on how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours.

You can call angels to attend to a need and within the hour, it will happen.

People in bible days have experiences with angels directly and indirectly.

Directly because they could influence angelic activities through prayers.

Indirectly, because, they do not have the final say as to the release of angels; (angels answer to God at will and not really to man).

But you can see Jesus talking about how He will ask the Father for angels and that He will give Him legions of angels to fight for Him within the hour. (See Matthew 26:53, KJV)

Now, you can ask your Father to send angelic help and deliverance to savage a situation within the hour and He will do so.

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how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours


Nonetheless exhaustive, we trust that the 7 ways prescribed above on how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours will suffice you.

There are no hard and fast rules to how to get a prayer answered in 24 hours, it can happen based on the need, its urgency and the faith, knowledge, understanding and your application of the knowledge, faith and understanding.

God will meet you within 24 hours if the need must be met within the hour.

What good will it do God when He knows that your child needs deliverance from the hands of kidnappers within 24 hours otherwise the child will be killed, that will not bring glory to His name.

He must defend His name and must respond swiftly within the hour with deliverance and salvation any how He wants to do it.

God is a good Father, a better and loving Father than human fathers.

Now, if a human father must do what he will do to rescue a situation within the hour if need be, will God not do much more!

He will sure come to your rescue within the hour; He is an ever present help in time of trouble, the Scripture says of Him.   

Believe God for the best, think of him as a benevolent father and He will show Himself to you that way.

God bless you.

How To Get A Prayer Answered In 24 Hours: 7 Proven Biblical Ways


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