How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life: 7 Telltale Signs

How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life

If you are asking: How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life, here are a few signs you will need to consider.

But first, let me assure you that God is a God of purpose, He does not waste time on things and people.

He planned your life, everything and every aspect of your life even before you were born.

Your part is to find out His plan and align yourself to it.

You may never prosper with true and real peace until you discover purpose, His plan and then align yourself with it.

Seek relationships in His will.

That said.

Now, let’s get on with our subject: How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life!   

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how do you know when god puts someone in your life

How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life

Here are possible proven telltale signs and ways on how to known when God has put someone in your life:  

1. The Meeting Point

First is to critically examine how you met the person.

How did you meet the said person; by coincidence, by divine leading and arrangement, by divine appointment, by way of specific answer to prayer?

How did you meet that person?

Think, reflect!

What’s your answer?

2. The Connection

Another thing to check up on is how you connected with the person.

There’s what is called love at first sight.

There’s something about connecting with people the very first time you cross each other’s part.

There are some persons you meet for the first time and it will look like you have known that person for years.

The connection, the understanding, the communication, the gestures and reciprocity, the peace and sweetness you perceived and received, the rest and joy like a river that seem to rise within you…and it’s the first time.

Have you ever been with some persons for a few minutes and you are feeling like you have known this person for so long?

Did you ever meet some persons and in few minutes you are feeling like the thing missing in your life is around you?

That’s a sure sign that God is bringing or putting that person in your life.  

3. Openness And Willingness To Help You

When God puts someone in your life, a lot more relational things will happen.

Here are a few of them:

a. Readiness To Support You

The person that God puts in your life will show a readiness to help and support you with no strings attached whatsoever.

They will support you whether they agree with what you want or not.

They will support, help and encourage you whether they even like what you are doing or are wanting to do.

They may raise an objection or say their own side of the coin, but they will still go with you whether you agree to them or not, whether you take side with them or not.

If someone you claim God is putting in your life, will only support you because of what they want to get or ready to gain, then that person is not God’s best for you.

b. Readiness To Stand By You

Again, the person that God puts in your life will show all readiness to stand by you through thick and thin.

Someone that will not stand by you when you are in trouble and are going through, is not worthy of you.

Put sentiments apart, such persons will betray and kill you if they have the chance, so don’t fool around such persons.

A God sent person will stand by you in your mistakes, struggles and will also celebrate you when you are winning.

c. Readiness To Grow With You

The man or woman God has put in your life will show all readiness to grow with you.

This is particularly real to men.

A sister is a God sent, brother, if she shows all readiness to grow with you.

If she does not disdain your state and present condition but shows all hope and keep faith in you and in your future, that sister is your own.

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d. Readiness To Accommodate You

A God sent man or woman will be ready to accommodate and tolerate you.

You are not perfect, neither is the person.

Both of you are work in progress.

Any person that has understanding of these things and are ready to accommodate you the way you are (with your weaknesses, strengths, failures, successes, and excesses), that person must be from the Lord.  

e. Willingness To Tolerate You

Your God sent person will not only accommodate you and your excesses and strengths, he or she will tolerate you big time.

He will forgive you, let go, put up with you and your naughtiness all the time.

But you should seek to get better with life, attitude and character all the same, that way, you make your life, the relationship and everything between better.

God expects us to grow.

4. Will Always Tell You The Truth

Don’t hang around people who don’t tell you the truth; they don’t like you.

One of the most important signs you are to look out for as to whether God has put someone in your life or not is the very fact that the person always tells you the truth.

And on your part, you should be ready and open to receiving the truth whether the truth is bitter or sweet.

Anyone that tells you the truth about you is the one that truly loves you.

Now, you should be able to tell between truth told in love and truth in critical and judgmental form and attitude.

Someone who tells you the truth to put you down is not your friend.

But one who tells the truth in love, not in cynicism, and also shows you ways to improve your life is your true love.

5. Listens To You

The person that God has put in your life will listen to you, will respect and honor you.

A person that does not listen to you is not for you.

Everyone deserves to be listened to and heard.

Look out for this sign in him or her.

If he does not listen, then he cannot change, he cannot grow.

He does not listen because he knows it all, his mind is set in a cast; you don’t need people who are not flexible in your life.

Flexibility is a sign of maturity.

6. Respects and Honors You

The person that God has sent into your life will respect and honor you.

He will respect your passions, your love, your likes, your prospects and pursuits.

Plus, he will honor you for who you are and not just necessarily for what you have.

7. Seek For Ways To Help You Get Better and Improve Your Life

A God sent person will look for ways to help you get better at life, at your calling and vocation.

He will buy you books and tapes to help you improve your life.

He sees a need in your life, he doesn’t criticize you for it, he doesn’t also just tell you the truth about it, but goes further to get you things that will help you get better and overcome your weakness.

He is committed to your total health and well-being (spirit, soul and body), he sees to it that your life is improved and better.

He doesn’t walk away from you waiting and looking to see if your life gets better, no, he stays and see to it that you get better and that your life is well improved and advanced.

This is the person that God has specially put in your life.

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how do you know when god puts someone in your life


Nonetheless exhaustive, the signs listed and discussed above are telltale signs that God has put those individuals in your life for good.

Look out for these signs in your relationship and dealings with individuals and you will be sure to decipher accurately who and who God has sent into your life.

How do you know when God puts someone in your life?

The 7 signs and guide above will suffice, but in case you still have question that border on that, then shot me a message in the comment section of this post or send me an email, I will be more than happy to answer you.

Thanks and God bless you.


How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life: 7 Telltale Signs


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