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Worship As A Fragrance To God: His Utmost Delight

worship as a fragrance to God

Did you ever think of worship as a fragrance to God?

Did you know that worship is a sweet aroma to God?

In this article today, I want us to look at the subject of worship being a fragrance to God.

So what is it about worship that makes it a fragrance to God?

You may be quick to ask like many believers do; ‘Is it is not prayer that is a sweet fragrance to God, what do you mean by worship instead now being a fragrance to God!’

Did not the Bible teach that the prayer of the saints comes before the throne of God as sweet incense and not worship, you may ask?

Now, hold and I will show you how that worship is much more a fragrance to God than even prayer.

Are you ready to look with me?

Let’s go.

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worship as a fragrance to god

Prayer And Worship

The Bible teaches accurately that prayer is not a sweet smelling aroma to God. But when prayer is missed with incense (worship), it can become pleasant to God (Psalm 141:2, Revelation 8:3-4).

Prayer is petitions and need going out to God from you with the aim of seeking His supernatural intervention.

In prayer, you are asking God’s help and intervention in the things you cannot ordinarily do by and for yourself.

It is really about self.

But that’s not worship.

Worship is selfless, the focus is God and not you and your need.

In worship, you extol the greatness, glory and the beauty of God.

You interact with His God’s highest nature, which is HOLINESS.

You eulogize Him for who He is and not necessarily what He can do.

When you pray, you are appealing and relating to His power, but when you worship you appeal to His HOLINESS.

You pray to get your needs met, you worship to have God’s need met.

So in that sense, worship comes to God as a pleasant smell, which is what prayer does not necessarily communicate.

Worship is pleasant, arousing and appealing.

It pleases God, arouses His love and kindness and appeal to His HOLINESS. (1 Chronicles 16:29, NIV)

Prayer does not do this.

What Makes Worship Different?

Worship is the outpouring and outreaching of your inner recesses (soul and spirit) to God.

It comes forth from your spirit like a gusher, an aroma reaching to God.

It appeals to God’s nature of love, mercy, grace, beauty.

Above all, it reaches and interacts with God’s HOLINESS, His highest nature.

It is like pouring water on dusty ground and or ashes, and you can readily see how ashes and dusty soil reacts to water….with a unique kind of smell.

That’s what worship does to God.

Whereas, prayer instigate His power and omnipotence, worship romances, calms and interact with His love and beauty.

That’s why worship is so great, it is greater and more effective than prayer itself.

You can pray and have God send His angels to attend to your need.

But when you worship, you have God attend to you (and by extension, your need) Himself.

As much as I care, worship is the shortest cut to having your way with God and having the victory over the enemy.

God will do anything in worship.

Or have you not read that some of the greatest victories in battles in the Bible came by way of worship?

See (2 Chronicles 20:20-23 and Acts 16:25-34)  

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Why Is worship A Sweet Aroma To God?

Did you ever read in the Scripture where David was asking God to allow His prayer come to Him as incense and the lifting up of his hands as the evening sacrifice?  (Psalm 141:2)

David knew the power of prayer mixed with worship.

The Old Testament saints know what sacrifices were about.

They knew the power in sacrifice was the ascension of the smoke towards heaven. (See Judges 13:18-20, 2 Chronicles 5:13)

They knew much more that sacrifice is worship, so they wait intimacy to see if their worship (sacrifice) was accepted.

And the proof of acceptance as far they were concerned was literal smoke going off from the offering being sacrificed and ascending to heaven.

See, worship today in the New Testament is what was known as burnt sacrifice or offering in the old.

The principal characteristic of burnt sacrifices is a sweet aroma that ascends to God (Leviticus 1:13, Genesis 8:20-22)

God savors, takes in the swell and fragrance that comes from the offering made by fire.

That’s what worship is.

You are making an offering by fire (when you worship) and it comes to God as a sweet smell, a pleasant aroma that God sits down to savor in.

Worship is great taste to God.

Worship gives God a taste that nothing else gives him.

Did you remember the last time, you savored in the aroma from your wife’s or mother’s meal?

She was in the kitchen cooking and you probably was in the parlor watching your favorite TV show, when all of a sudden a pleasant smell came from the direction of the kitchen and into the parlor.

Mine, did you savor in the smell!

You did.

You loved the taste of the smell, you wondered what your wife or mum was cooking that was smelling that way.

That’s what worship does to God, my friend.    

That’s worship as a fragrance to God

That’s how worship becomes a sweet aroma to God.

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Worship As A Fragrance To God

worship as a fragrance to god

Still on, worship as a fragrance to God.

Truly worship is a fragrance to God and when you properly offer it, you reach to the highest heaven, the very throne room of the Father where He savors in your worship.

Now, for worship to be real and true in the light of the scripture, some things are involved?

1. The lifting of the hands.

The lifting of the hand is your worship to God in the New Testament. It is comes to God as the evening sacrifice. (See Psalm 141:2)

As God’s saint and holy one, the lifting up of your hand pleases God, it sends an aroma to His throne, a smell that is well pleasing, and that God savors. (See 1 Timothy 2:8)

2. The Bowing of the knee.

Your knee bow, is one of the choicest acts of worship.

It connotes willing submission.

Some persons will be compared to bow to the Lord at the end of time, but the true believer loves His Lord enough to knee and submit reverently and willingly to Him.

Your kneeling down before the Lord is an offering made of fire, it sends a sweet aroma to God, one that He delights and savors in.

3. Complete Prostration

This is the height of worship.

When you prostrate in worship acknowledging the Lord for who He is, your words and your prostration comes to the throne of God as a sweet aroma, one that is well pleasing to the Father.

Your prostration before the Lord is an act of worship, an offering made of fire, a sweet aroma to God.

Nothing tastes like true worship to God.



There’s more we can say about worship and its posture.

But suffice us to say that what we have here is enough and if you practice them, your worship will become a great taste to God, one that God looks out for, and longs for everyday to savor in.

Suffice me to say that worship as a fragrance to God (act) is more enriching that worship as a performance (art).

Don’t art worship, act it.

Do it.

Give God pleasure by acknowledging Him for who He is, kneeling down, bowing down, and lifting up of your hand and by prostrating before Him in love.

He deserves your worship.

He also demands it.

But give it to Him voluntarily and you will be blessed you did.

God bless you.

Worship As A Fragrance To God: His Utmost Delight


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