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Worship As A Weapon Of Warfare: Move God To Action

worship as a weapon of warfare

In this post today, we are going to be looking at this very all important subject; worship as a weapon of warfare.

Hey, did you ever hear this saying; “When you pray, you fight yourself, but when you worship, God fights for you.”

How true!

If you want God to take over your battles and crush your enemies mercilessly, then you will need to switch from prayer to worship and praise.

You see, in worship you interact with and provoke the holiness of God, which is His highest nature.

And when He comes down in holiness, no devil, no one, no enemy can stand the chance.

That said.

Now, hold with me as I walk you through viable points on worship as a weapon of warfare.

Are you ready?

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worship as a weapon of warfare

What Is Worship

Worship is man’s highest form of interaction with God.

Yes, you should pray, that is a certain type of interaction with God also.

You should praise Him, that’s the other side of worship.

But when it comes to worship, you are interacting with God in the highest spiritual altitude.

You are interacting with the highest nature of God, which is holiness.

And when you touch the holiness side of God, you are provoking His terror and His wonder.

God’s Holiness

You see, God’s holiness is awakened and touched by you when you worship.

The English word that gives us a little clue to the word ‘holiness’ is ‘terror.’

Or you did not know that God is described as being terrible in Scriptures (See Psalm 99:3, KJV)

He is.

God’s terrible nature is what makes Him to abhor evil, sin.

His terrible nature was what Egypt saw when He through the hand of Moses brought it down to its knee judging all their gods. (See Exodus 12:12)

Did you remember the song of Moses and Miram after they have crossed the Red Sea, God parting the sea for them so they could walk on dry land?

(See Exodus 15:1-21, KJV)

That song is an acknowledgment of the holiness of God.

You see, there’s no weapon of warfare that is as potent as worship because it provokes and invokes the highest nature of God. (See Psalm 99:9, NIV)

In Preference Of Jehovah

You see, another thing that worship communicates, is the preference of Jehovah, the acknowledging of God above everything and anything. (Deuteronomy 4:39, NIV)

When you worship God, you are actually saying; ‘God, I prefer you to other gods, I prefer you to self and to any other living and created thing.’

You are saying in worship, ‘Lord, you created all things but you were not created.’

Worship is your testimony to the omnipotence of God.

When you declare by the act of worship that God is superior and that you prefer Him above all else, He comes down to wreck irretrievable havoc on anything that may be contesting and challenging your preference of Him.

Please don’t joke with worship.

Did you realize that every time Israel goes worshipping other gods, God is always provoked to anger and jealousy resulting in destruction and death.

Worshipping other god’s was Israel testimony that they prefer other God’s to Jehovah.

And every time they did, they go for it.

God is aroused to anger when you prefer other things to Him.

In worship you give God the first place in your life and also establishes that first place in your life.

Worship as a weapon of warfare

Provoking His Holiness

Do you really want to touch the terrible side of God?

Then be a worshipper.

Learn to worship the beauty of Holiness.

Do it consciously and on purpose.

And you will be amazed at the fierce power, life and light that will be emanating from your life as you constantly make contact with God’s nature of holiness.

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Bringing Down The Glory

One thing also that the Bible shows in response to worship is the tangible manifestation of the glory of God. (See 2 Chronicles 5:13-14)

When you truly worship God, the glory of God which is the Holy Spirit will be strongly and tangibly revealed.

How much we need the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit today.

Whether in a church gathering, at home in your personal prayer time and worship, when the Holy Spirit descends with His manifest presence, things happen.

The sick are healed, demons checked out, questions are answered, attitudes are adjusted, destinies are straightened out, troubles and problems are resolved, just at the manifestation of His presence, things happen.

That’s why worship is a super potent weapon of warfare.

Why Is Worship So Potent

Now, you can readily see why worship is so powerful.

It awakens the nature of God’s holiness – which is His highest nature.

So when God is aroused in Holiness, He consumes and refines at the same time, all in accordant with His nature.   

You see, people talk about the power of God and they see a bit of it.

But the true power of God is His Holiness.

Put another way; God is powerful because of who He is.

And who is God?

God is Holy among other things.

That’s His highest nature.

Out of His holiness springs every other attribute and character of God.

He is merciful, because He is holy.

He is love, because He is holy.

He is powerful because He is holy.

So, in worship, you provoke His holiness and the result is a manifestation of His terror, judgment, refinement, mercy and every other attribute that make Him God. 

How To Worship

Yea, still on worship as a weapon of warfare.

Now, it will be well for you to understand the nature of worship and how to truly worship Jehovah interacting with His nature of holiness.

To a lot of Christians, worship is singing solemnly with eyes closed sometimes and with deep meditation.

No, worship can be done with eyes open.

Worship is not singing, but you can communicate your worship of God through songs.

Seeing that worship is the acknowledging of God above all else, there are ways to do this.

That means that there is the disposition to and of worship.

Read your Bibles, you will find that everywhere in the Bible it was said that someone or a group of persons worshipped, they did things with their bodies.

Worship is spiritual, yet it is expressed through the body.

In short, your body must be involved in worship for worship to be real and complete.

So worship involves:

  • The lifting up of hands
  • The bowing of the knee
  • Hands lifted up and knee bow
  • Head bowed to the ground
  • Face bowed to the ground
  • Complete prostration

Those are the things you do that make worship, real and true.

That’s how to worship.

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worship as a weapon of warfare

Worship As A Weapon Of Warfare

The Scripture is replete with accounts of individuals and group of people who employ the power of worship at a crossed road in their lives and the results; the manifestation of the power and glory of God, resulting in a victory and triumph over their enemies that is unparalleled in history. (See 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, Acts 16:25-34)

That’s because worship is a spiritual weapon of warfare.

When deployed and engaged with understanding like they did in bible days, you will see the same result and mighty manifestation of the hand of God in your affairs like they did.

So, it’s time you dust your hat and learn what true worship is and how to use it to destroy your enemies.

Provoke God’s holiness in worship and He will arise in terror and scatter your enemies. (Psalm 114)

Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered. (See Psalm 68:1, KJV)

He arises when you worship Him.


There’s so much to talk about on worship as a weapon of warfare.

But the points above will suffice for this article.

It is not talk that you need now, it is action.

You have seen and know the power and potency of worship, you have also seen how worship is done scripturally, now go do same.

Shut yourself up in your room, knee before the Lord or prostrate before Him, and then go on and acknowledge Him for who He is.

Declare that ‘He is the Lord, there’s none else, there’s no God besides Him. (See Isaiah 45:5, KJV)

Hallow His name, and you will see Him go to work on your behalf to destroy your enemy and to silence everything that has been making a mockery of your faith and of the God you serve.

Hey, if you really want to see the hand of God move in your affairs like you have never seen before, then learn the ACT of worship and put the act to practice in real worship.

All the best!

Worship As A Weapon Of Warfare: Move God To Action


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