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Fasting And Praying For A Future Husband: A Quick Guide

fasting and praying for a future husband

If you feel the need to go fasting and praying for a future husband now that you are not married yet, this guide on fasting and praying for a future husband will be of help.

People spend time praying for many things, most of which are important and legitimate, and of which many too are just share expression of anxiety and unbelief.

Most of the things you pray for are things that you already have instructions from God’s word on what to do about them.

For instance, people pray about anxieties, fear, worries, cares etc. But the Scripture is clear on what to do about worries, fears and cares. (See Philippians 4:6, 1 Peter 5:7, 1 John 4:18).

Just do, act on the scripture and those things will be taken care of.

The problem is people don’t pray about what is really important.

Marriage is important, you spend 16 to 20 years in school, from nursery school to first degree/Masters depending on the educational system that runs in your country, and you keep praying all the time, all the way about it and through it.

But you never paid attention to the issue of a husband, let alone pray for one, for a future home and or a marriage and family relationship.

Your marriage is supposed to last for the most of your life, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years of marriage and more, but you did not see the need to pray and prepare for it.

What you don’t know is that all those years of formal education are actually tending towards a lifetime of marriage directly and indirectly.

You have been preparing for marriage all the while, but you did not know.

Because you did not know, you did not consciously and actively pray about it, you did not prepare actively for it.

Tell me, why will there not be problem when you eventually get into what you did not prepare for.

Prayerful preparation prevents poor performance, they say.

Now, it’s time you get down to the basics, face what is important and get on to fasting and praying to secure a godly and goodly husband before he eventually comes..

Ready to do this?

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Fasting And Praying For A Future Husband.

Here’s what you need to do while fasting and praying for a future husband.

1. Surrender Your Will To God’s Will

A lot of the time, singles who have come to know the importance of praying and preparing for a future husband, find themselves hedged-in in the matter of the will of God for marriage.

See, God’s will and plan for you is beautiful, great and good, it is not a PERSON, it is a PLAN.

For your information, God has more than one man that you can marry.

So, perish the thought of ‘it is only one man that God has ordained for you to marry and if you miss him, you are gone and may never marry the will of God again.’

That’s not true.

The will of God is a PLAN, not a PERSON.

There’s are several sons of God that can help you become God’s best in life, one of them is who you will marry.

In marrying him, the plan and purpose of God for your life will find expression and fulfilment.

That’s what God’s will in marriage is about.

In the same way, there is a man you will marry, even in Christ supposedly, the plan and purpose of God for your life will be frustrated, if not completely aborted.

God’s will is not in the looks of a man, it is not in his pocket, it is in HIS PLAN.

See beyond a man, a person, see into a plan.

So, the best position to stay when fasting and praying for a future husband is to resign and surrender your conceived will to God’s ultimate plan.   

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2. Ask God To Give You A Man After His Own Heart

In praying for a future husband, let your focus be on a person, a man after God’s own heart.

Why is this important?

It is because it is the man after God’s own heart that will see the plan and purpose of God for and in a marriage.

He understands what God expects of him in marriage, He understands God’s heart about families, he knows God’s ultimate plan for having children, he’s aware that the continuity of the kingdom of God on earth rests on the human family, so he will jealously watch over the human persons (wife, children) that God will eventually make him head and custodian over.

He receives from God the big picture of the kingdom and agenda of God for the human person, and family and he stands to pursue and see to the realization of that agenda in the plan, purpose and calendar of God to the glory of His name.

This man is not about a person, He is about a plan, God’s plan, and God’s will.

That’s the man you should pray and believe God for in marriage – one after God’s own heart, who will do all His will. (See Acts 13:22, KJV)

3. Ask That God Will Fill Him with the Spirit of Wisdom and Leadership  

Because, your dream man is a son of God, who lives for God and His purpose on earth, He will need to be filled with the Holy Spirit in wisdom and leadership ability.

So, pray and fast, asking that God will fill your future husband with the spirit of leadership and wisdom to head and run God’s institution under his care when he finally gets into it.

Ask that God will fill him with wisdom to lead the marriage and family, to make a success of the most blessed of human and godly relationships on earth, the family.

A leader, is one that is going someone (has a vision, God’s vision) and he is able to influence other people to go with him – that is the kind of husband you will marry.

He is one who knows the way, sees the way and shows the way in all wisdom, skill and understanding.

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4. Ask God’s Protection over His Life Wherever He Is

The world is a wicked place, Satan is out on rampage to steal, kill and destroy; you need God’s protection on your life through life, otherwise your life may be cut short before you realize God’s ultimate plan for you.

This is true of your future husband too.

Pray that he will be kept and protected by the power of God wherever He is.

If he’s not kept and preserved by the power of God from evil and from falling, chances are that, you may not see him in the place where God has placed him and ordained him to meet you.

Ask the Lord to keep, preserve and protect him to bring him to you – until your path crossed.  

5. Pray That He Will Be Blessed With Skill, Knowledge and Excellence

A man that is able is a man that God equipped, blessed and sent.

Every true husband is blessed, enabled by God to be able to take care of his family.

He needs skills, knowledge and excellence to run his home, tend it, care for it, provide for it and protect it.

This is what you need in a man.

Ask God to help your future with the skill, knowledge and spirit of excellence to make a success of his ministry, call, work, business and most of all his calling as husband and father.

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6. Ask That He Be Filled With the Spirit of God In Power And Holiness

You need a man filled with the Spirit of God in power and in holiness.

In power, so he can stand and defend the home spiritually.

He should be able to resist the devil, stop him anytime he is rearing his ugly head around the home to attack your marriage and home in any way.

Yes, your future husband is the pastor of the home, he will teach, intercede, guide and protect it as a flock just like a church. This he will do through the power of the Spirit of God.

He is supposed to be able to lay hands on you and the children, stand in the gap anytime you or any member of the family is sick or weak.

He is supposed to be able to cast out devils of any kind in the home when the need arise.

This is why he has to be filled with the Holy Spirit in power.

May you not marry a husband who harbor secret sins, live in denial, have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof!

Did you know how many husbands are leaving their marriages today for other women, some women they met on the internet?

Did you know how many of them are struggling with pornography and masturbation right there in the middle of the marriage?

If they had dealt with these sins before marriage, if they were men who love righteousness and hated iniquity all the while, they would not be cut in the web of sin they are in right now.

So pray that your future husband will be a man who love righteousness, holiness and hate iniquity.

Righteousness exalts a nation, a people, a family, but sin will destroy and will always be a reproach to a people – a grave reproach when it is the husband and head of the family (nation) that is cut in the web of sin.   

(See Proverbs 14:34, KJV)

7. Ask The Lord To Connect You With Him

Having prayed all the above blessings on your future husband, it’s time you ask the Lord to lead him to you.

Better still, ask the Lord to orchestrate your paths to each other in such a way that both of you will not miss it.

Pray and call for the situation, circumstances, events that will happen to make your path cross.

Ask the Lord for divine orchestration by the power, wisdom and leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Pray and expect to meet him soon.

Live with expectation of him – look out for him in confident expectation of faith and hope.

And you will meet him.

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On and on and on, there are a hundred and one thing you may be told to do when it comes to fasting and praying for a future husband, but the aforementioned are a great way to go.

You will not miss out on your future husband if you pay close attention to the 7 points given above.

Go through them again, keep an open mind as you go through them and do what is said… you will be blessed you did.

God bless you.

Fasting And Praying For A Future Husband: A Quick Guide


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