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Getting Closer To God In 8 Simple Ways

getting closer to god

Thinking of getting closer to God this time and season of your life?

That thought is inspired of God, believe it.

The Holy Spirit is calling you to a closer walk, that’s the very reason why you just now start to think of your need of getting closer to God.

Plus, it may just be that the Holy Spirit is calling you for a renewed walk with Him and that may be why you are thinking this way right now.

Whatever the reason may be, congratulations to you my friend!

One thing is certain, the One who inspired the thought in you is ready and waiting to take you in for a ride in glory.

All you need is to just say YES LORD!

And then sit back as the Holy Spirit takes you on the journey of intimacy He has prepared for you.

But here’s we come; we want to help you get started on this your amazing journey of getting closer to God.

We will be more than happy if you allow us.

So then, let’s get you started and going.

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Getting Closer To God

First Step To Getting Closer To Go

Now, to get going with God on this journey, you must put first things first.

The thought inspired by the Spirit in you is not enough until you clinch it up with a decision to go all out for it.

This dogged decision is what will keep you going when the devil starts to throw tantrums at you.

Satan will test your pursuit for God, he will show up in every part of the journey just so he can derail you or completely make you lose focus on the goal.

But if you have already settle the place of decision and have resolutely resolved to pursue God in spite of, then that dogged determination will hold your head high in trouble waters.

Hey, do you think Satan likes you for once to get closer to God?

He doesn’t want you to think it let alone do.

So, be ready to resist him when he comes with distractions, broken focus, tiredness, busyness and the like.

Commitment to your decision and undying pursuit of your decision will stay you up on high in days to come.

So have you made up your mind to really get closer to God?

Plus, have you also made up your mind to go all out in spite of?

Please settle those two questions in your heart and mind, that and only then can you be sure to get all of God this time and season of your life.   

Ways To Get Closer To God

In getting closer to God, there are a few steps and practices that will help kick-start the journey.

God is waiting for you on the other side, but you need do some things that will help you catch up with Him in His muster point.

These practices when adhered to will throw you open to a renewed, deeper and sincere walk with God that will bring a closeness between you and God that you may never have experienced before.


Fasting has always been man’s way of getting into close fellowship with God.

If practiced in line with Scripture, the benefits are enormous and of course one of which is closeness to God

The Scripture is replete with so many benefits of fasting.

But what is fasting actually?

Fasting is abstinence from food and sometimes water for spiritual purposes.

But that’s not all.

Fasting all the more is a denial of self and pleasure so you can have more time to go after God.

You may have to fast your TV, shows, sex (if you are married), sleep and of course food and instead use those times to go after God.

And trust God, when He sees you have left off many things; pleasures and self for Him, He will meet you and reciprocate with equal and even greater time of glory, revelation and pouring in of Himself into you.

That will definitely bring you into closeness with God.


One of the spiritual exercises that you indulge in when you fast is prayer.

You leave off food and sometimes drink so you can pray.

You stay off TV and fast your sleep, just so you can give yourself more to prayer.

And believe it or not, prayer brings the glory of God on you.

The more you pray, the better you see God.

And the better you see God, the more you are transformed to becoming like Him.

Prayer is power, it releases the glory of God on you, filing you with the very divine presence of the Spirit.

That divine presence is your guarantee that God is with you.

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Study of the word

When you pray, you talk to God, but when you study the word, God talks back to you.

Plus, the Word of God is the image of God and the more you look at the image in the word, the more you become like the picture that you behold.

In getting closer to God therefore, you must develop an insatiable thirst for the study of the word.

Draw a study plan that fits your person; look for ways to study the Scripture systematically.

And you know what, God forms Himself in you through the word, so the more you study the word the more of God is formed in you.

And don’t stop until you are see a total transformation in your life, in the way you think, talk and even walk.

Meditation in the Word

The power of meditation was made explicit to Joshua after the death of Moses when God saddled him with the responsibility of taking the children of Israel in to possess the Promised Land (Joshua 1:8)

Even in the New Testament, Paul taught meditation to his protégé’ Timothy (1 Timothy 4:15).

We see that from the Old Testament to the New, the art of meditation was a great practice with saints, beginning with Isaac in Genesis chapter 24 verse 63 to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4 verse 15.

So what does that tell you?

There’s power in meditation.

Is it any wonder today that many other religion of the world practice meditation as a way to getting closer to some deity?

But for the Christian, meditation is different, defined and definite; it is meditation on the word of God.

Meditation helps to take God’s word from your mind and ingrained them to your spirit.

And don’t forget that God’s word is the food for your spirit (Matthew 4:4).

Through meditation, the word is digested, regurgitated and re-digested again from whence it flows into every part of your person, spirit, soul and body.

Meditation in the word brings you closer to God.


If there’s anything that gets you in close contact with God, it is true worship.

In worship, you behold God’s glory, you interact with His HOLY nature and then you come out fill with the whole of God Himself.

Do you really want to get close to God; then learn worship!

True worship is an art and an act, you have to learn it and then practice it.

When you worship God in spirit and in truth the right way, you will experience a deep measure of the presence of God that you’ve never known all your Christian life.

Get closer to God in worship.


There’s a measure of God’s glory that you may never experience until you become a soul winner.

The joy and the thrill of witnessing cannot be explained, you have got to experience it for yourself to tell it.

And true to God, He will always put His glory on anyone who takes the great commission seriously.

So if you will go out as much as you can, witnessing of Christ to everyone that is kind enough to grant you an audience, you will see God fill you with His glory like no other.

Witnessing helps gets you closer to God.

Fellowship of other Believers

The Bible said for us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrews 10:25)

Fellowship with other believers always releases the corporate anointing of the Holy Spirit on believers.

There’s a dimension of the glory of God that you will know on your own, but there’s a deeper and higher dimension of God’s glory that comes when the body of believers come together in fellowship, prayer and in the study of the word.

Do not neglect fellowship, church services and attendance if you want to get closer to God this season.

The Breaking of Bread.

One of the two major sacraments that Jesus ordained for the Church is water baptism and the breaking of bread (Holy Communion).

While the baptism in water is done once and only once, Jesus instituted that the breaking of bread be done often. (Luke 22:19, 1 Corinthians 11:25-26)

And this holy ordinance is the refilling of self with God.

In it, you continue to demonstrate the power and the triumph of the cross over death, Satan, hell, sickness, darkness and all evil.

When practiced with understanding and faith, the communion can be your meeting place with God in fellowship and sharing together.

There God pours Himself into you and you into Him until you are completely drowned and lost in Him, while He completely fills you with all of Himself.

Yes, in the communion, you lose yourself to Him and He fills Himself in you.

That’s it my friend, you get closer to God when you practice these things in faith.

Getting Closer To God

How You Know You Are Closer To God

There’s something more that you need to know in your quest to getting closer to God.

That is; how do you know you are close to God?

Since getting to God is not something physical – though you may feel that way because of the divine presence, it is a spiritual thing.

And here are things that you will notice in your life when you start to get closer to God: 

1. There will be song in your heart. You will just find songs rising and playing in your heart.

2. There will be music in your mouth. You will find yourself in response to the song in your heart singing as you walk, work and pray. Songs will be coming to your mouth spontaneously.

3. You will be full of thanksgiving.

4. You will be filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

5. You will become more tender and gentle. You will just stop acting irrationally (hard and harsh) as you used to.

All these are manifestations of the Spirit of God in your life which points to one fact: you are getting closer to God, His presence is on you and you know it, sure you will.

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Prayer To Get Closer To God

You have seen how to get close to God, the very many interconnected steps that you need to take.

And you also know that your decision to go for God will be tested, but your determination and resolve will get you going in spite of.

Now, in conclusion, it will be well for you to pray a simple prayer to get you started and going getting closer to God.

Let us pray:

Oh Lord my Father, thank you for stirring in me the desire to get closer to you.

Thank you also for granting me the will to go all out for you.

Now, Lord, I pray that you give me grace to stay close to you at this time, let your Holy Spirit flow into my life with grace and glory filling me with the atmosphere of heaven as I fast, pray, study, meditate and worship your HOLINESS.

Lord, bring me into relationships and opportunities that will enhance my quest for you, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I also pray Lord that you help me not to fall for Satan’s distraction of any kind and broken focus.

I declare that I will not be tired nor give up until I have all of you and you have all of me, in Jesus name.

So help me God.


Getting Closer To God In 8 Simple Ways


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