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How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough: A Quick Guide

how to fast and pray for a breakthrough

Today, we are going to be discussing this all important subject, titled: how to fast and pray for a breakthrough..

As a Christian, you are unstoppable, that’s a fact.

Yet, sometimes, it looks like something, a wall, a barrier is holding you back, stopping you from taking that which rightfully belongs to you in Christ, stopping you from stepping over and walking into your promised land.

In that case, you need to pray and then fast to put spiritual pressure on that wall of barrier until you break through it to the other side of your blessing and greatness.

Better still, you should completely pull down the wall.

To have the ultimate victory and prosperity, you do not need to make a hole in the barrier to go through it to the other side to take what’s yours by right; you ought to completely pull down the barrier.

Fasting and prayer helps you put the pressure on the barrier until it cannot hold any more but give way.

That’s what this guide on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough is intended to help you accomplish.

Now, let’s get to it.

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How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough

How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough

The following are some practical steps with details on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough:

1. Decide On The Type Of Fast

To be able to fast and pray for a breakthrough, you must first and foremost decide on the type of fast you want to embark on, and the number of days you wish to go.

Now, if it is the Lord that is calling or inspiring you to the fast, He will definitely tell you when to stop fasting or how many days you should fast.

But if you’re the one that calls yourself to the fast in response to a need, then you can decide from the start how many days you are going to fast and the kind of fasting you are to do too.

It could be a 3 day Esther fast or even a 7 day of same.

Whatever, just decide on what you want and can do.

Be realistic. 

2. Schedule Your Prayer Time

Having decided on the type of fast you are going for, you will then need to schedule your prayer time.

If for instance you are going for a 3 day absolute fast, you can decide that you will be spending at least 2 hours in each of your prayer sessions.

That is, you can decide to pray between the hours of 6am to 9am in the morning for your first prayer session, 12pm to 2pm for the next prayer session, 5pm to 7pm for the next prayer session and then take the time in between your prayer time to rest, read and study the word and to listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

You can repeat this process for the whole period or days you will be fasting.

Just make sure you stick to your schedule unless otherwise interrupted by the Holy Spirit.

3. Choose A Prayer Place

God loves and respects altars, places that are consecrated solely to meeting with Him.

So as you fast and pray for a breakthrough, you will do well to not only set the time to pray but also set a place for your prayer.

Consecrate the place in your heart to the Lord and respect the place and make sure you always go to that place or spot every time you want to pray.

You may be surprised to know that angels always stay on such spot or around such spot all the time you are fasting and praying, waiting to meet with you and to deliver God’s instructions and answers to your prayer to you.

Please note this.

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4. Repent And Confess All Known Sins

Before you get on with the Lord, it is important you search your heart and be sure nothing is standing between you and answered prayers.

Make sure you do not harbor resentment, bitterness or un-forgiveness in your mind.

These things will stop the flow of the power of God in you and from reaching you.

5. Find The Word To Cover What You Are Praying For And Make Prayer Points From It

This is important; please make sure you find scriptures that cover the case you are seeking a breakthrough for.

God does nothing outside of His word, He is not obligated to answer your prayer no matter how much you shout or cry, rather, He is bound to honor His word.

So when your prayers are based on His word, then you can be sure to have Him come through for you in honor of His word.

Plus, now that you have scriptures that cover your case, go ahead and make a list of prayer points from those Scriptures.

God honors prayers based on His word.

6. Put Away Anxiety

The Bible tells Christians to not be anxious, to not worry. (See Philippians 4:6, NIV)

So if you must pray and get your breakthrough, you will have to settle that in your heart.

Your heart cannot be full of worries while at the same time expecting God to come through for you.

So you will have to repent of the sin of worry if you have been anxious and then put it aside before you go in with the Lord in fasting and prayer.

Praying is a waste of time if you are full of anxiety.    

7. Do A Lot Of Worship

To fast and pray successfully for a breakthrough, you must understand the place and power of worship.

In worship, you contemplate the holiness of God, which is His highest nature.

So sing songs, praise Him, kneel, bow down and prostrate before Him all in worship


The Act Of Worship

8. Fellowship Of The Spirit

I found out that it is in fellowship with the Holy Spirit that your answer and breakthrough will come or will be communicated to you.

The answer to all the problems and issues of life are resolved in the place of fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Now, fellowship with the Spirit is not singing or praying, it is not even worship.

It is a deep communion, talk and acknowledging of the Lord the Spirit.

It is 24 hours church going on and happening within you – where you are always communing with heaven

You must learn that.

9. Meditation And Rest

You will need to create time to study and to meditate on the word all the time you are fasting and praying.

Plus, you will also need to create time to rest.

Meditate and rest, rest and meditate.

Meditating on scriptures will fill your mind with God’s voice and also open you up to revelation of scriptures by the Spirit.  

10. Be Specific In Your Prayer And Also Pray The Word

You must have set your goal before you started praying.

By that I mean you already know what you want before you decide to go fast and pray.

After all, it is a breakthrough that you want… and by now you must have also had prayer points made out of scriptures that cover your case.

So stay with those prayer points for the desired breakthrough until you pray through on it and have the walls come down.

And you will know when this happens; you will know when the victory has come.

Plus, you may have to even directly pray the word that covers your case. After all, prayer is taking God’s word back to Him.

So go ahead and pray the word directly as is.

Open those scripture passages and turn them to prayer substituting your name and situation when appropriate.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. (Mark 11:24, KJV)

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How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough

11. Mind Focus

Again, as you fast and pray, you will do well to discipline your mind to stay on the word and be focused on the issue you are dealing with at the moment.

A lot of the time, you may be tempted to wonder away in the mind from what you are doing – th fast.

So you have to watch that.

Make sure your mind is occupied with the issue at hand and with God’s word for the occasion.

You cannot be effective in your prayer and fasting when your mind is somewhere else or when your mind is running around town trying to catch up with this and that.

Come against wondering spirits.

And get the discipline to carry your mind with you and to hold it down to the word and to the occasion.

Don’t forget the creative power of the mind and its ability to receive instructions from the Holy Spirit.

You must therefore guide it in prayer.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23, KJV)

12. Keep Believing and Affirming Your Believe With Expectations

While all the time praying, you will need to keep believing that you are coming out with the solution, the breakthrough and must also continue to affirm that.

You went fasting and praying believing that that’s what you need to bring down the walls that are limiting your advancement, that conviction must be sustained all through the fasting time.

You are in for a definite answer and you will not take anything less; that’s the attitude.

You have a goal and until you hit it, you aren’t going to retreat.

So you must keep that attitude of faith and continue to affirm your faith until you hit the mark.

Now, to just pray without expectation, real, tangible expectation is a waste of time.

So pray believing and expecting as you pray.

Pray with faith in your heart.

(See Hebrews 11:6, KJV)

13. Be Audacious And Commanding

Now, the thing that is keeping you from entering into your glory is stubborn.

It does not understand the language of diplomacy and negotiation.

The walls of Jericho, the barriers and the limitations that you are up against are real and will not yield easily.

They are stubborn, resisting and will not just budge.

So if they must go, they must be compelled to do so.

Force, power, and command are the language they understand and that’s the language you are going to speak.

You have got to be bold, audacious in issuing out command.

No negotiation here.

Let me tell you something; through fasting, you put pressure on the foundations of the walls, and through bold command and declarations, you put pressure on the walls itself.

And sure enough, if you do not quit before hand, like the walls of Jericho, the barriers will come crashing down, in Jesus name.

That’s the breakthrough sir!

14. Praying In The Spirit

In fasting and praying for a breakthrough, you will have to learn what and how to pray in the spirit.

See, no matter how on point and on target your prayer points are, you still will not be able to pray well if you do not learn to pray in the spirit.

Your understanding is limited and can only go that far, but your spirit is unlimited. And when you engaged the occasion through praying in the spirit, you will be able to pray mysteries and way beyond what you can imagine.

Plus, when you pray in the spirit, you will be able to pray the very mind of God in the matter and exhaust your prayers.  

(See 1 Corinthians 14:2, KJV)

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us (Eph 3:20, KJV)

See this post on Praying In The Spirit.

15. Be Persistent

Don’t take things lightly, don’t joke with spiritual matters.

Your breakthrough is a matter of life and death; that should be the attitude.

But you have chosen to live, so stay on and press through to victory even if it means that you will have to fast and pray beyond the time and days you had earlier planned.

Being persistent will make you go the extra mile if need be until you have the answer.

Being persistent will make you go 2 or 3 days extra fasting and praying because you have not seen the green light of victory as yet.

So don’t stop until you get it.

So keep praying until you get it, don’t quilt.

Winners don’t quilt and quilters don’t win. 

It may be just 1 extra hour or 1 day extra, and the cloud will break, the victory will come.


16. Pray Until You Get A Word

Listen, your breakthrough is in a word, a word from God.

So you have got to pray until the word of the Lord comes to you.

Pray until you hear God, until you see a sign. (See 1 Kings 18:42-44, NIV)

The moment the word of the Lord comes to you, you have the breakthrough; that’s the word that you are going to hold onto and war with till you see the physical manifestation of the breakthrough.

Now, the word may come to you expressly, deeply impressed in your spirit by the Holy Ghost, you may hear it in dream, you may be caught up in a trance and then hear it or it may come to you by way of prophecy.

It may also come to you by the Holy Ghost pulling a particular passage from the Holy Scripture making it obvious to you, causing it to come alive in and to you.

That’s the breakthrough my brother.

That’s the rhema word of God.

So you must pray until you get the word, until you hear God speak to you.

(See Psalm 105:19, KJV, and 1 Samuel 1:17, KJV)    

17. Waiting and Holding In Thanksgiving Till The Change Comes

Now, even after you have fasted and prayed and have gotten the victory and the break in your spirit, and have gotten your word (rhema word) – God’s word for it, you will still need to wait in place of thanksgiving for the physical manifestation of the breakthrough.

Now, this is where Satan cheats on Christians the most.

They have fasted, have prayed and had the break, they have heard God speak the breakthrough to them, they even sang songs of victory and gave testimonies to the hand of the Lord coming upon them as confirmation that they have gotten it, and then after 3 days of waiting to see the physical manifestations, they start to complain and doubt the hand of God.

No, that’s not the way to go sir.

If you do that, you are destroying your prayers and repudiating the truth of God’s word, the veracity of the rhema word you have receieved and the validation of the divine presence.

Look, the physical manifestation of the answer to your prayer can come in a day, a week after, a month after, 3 months after and it can even happen after one year.

All you need to be doing all the time you are waiting for the physical manifestation is to not lose focus on the goal, but to stay in the place of thanksgiving until the result comes.

Keep praising and thanking God every time you think of the occasion until the answer comes.

Thanksgiving helps preserves your heart in waiting and also helps preserves the breakthrough until it is delivered.   

Plus, thanksgiving even helps to preserve the blessing itself when it has come and is physically at work and manifesting in your life.

Don’t joke with this preservative called thanksgiving.

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How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough


Not all there is on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough though, but we know that these 17 practical steps will put you a great way down the road to begin with.

Then as you listen and yield to the Holy Spirit, the Ultimate Guide, He will lead you on to victory and power as you pray and fast.

In all, we know and trust that this guide on how to fast and pray for a breakthrough will do you good.

Read it, work it and walk it.

And you will come through to victory with a ground breaking breakthrough.

All the best!

How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough: A Quick Guide


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