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Why Are The Psalms So Powerful? 5 Reasons That Count

why are the psalms so powerful

Today, let us endeavor to resolve this statement: why are the psalms so powerful?

Did you ever wonder why God’s word is full of power and relevant for all time even in this century?

It is because God’s breathe in on His word. (See 2 Timothy 3:16, NIV)

That’s true of the Psalms too, a vital part of God’s word.

To begin with, it will be well for you to understand that the psalm is the song and prayer book of Israel.

Let us even just call it one of the two; the prayer book of Israel.

Usually, the Jews chant their prayers, so you can see why it will be best to call it the prayer-song book of Israel.

Most of the psalms are written by King David, the great King of Israel who himself was a musician.

Others are written by other musicians like sons of Korah, Asaph, Moses and the Levites.

It is a blessed, great compilation of anointed music in prayer form.

That said, let’s now see a few truths why the Psalms are so power.

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Why Are The Psalms So Powerful

The psalms are so powerful for several obvious reasons:

1. It God’s Word.

There’s no part of God’ word, no book in the Bible that’s not powerful, being that the writings are inspired of the Holy Spirit.

They are God breathe.

That means that the Spirit of the Lord, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is on them.

So when read, prayed or sang in faith, the power of God is activated and released.

The effect is power, judgment against enemies, mercy and forgiveness, release of angels, power and so on.

2. Life And Emotion Expressed

The psalm is one book that is filled with the emotions of God and that of man.

You can find almost all life situations expressed in the psalm.

No matter what you are feeling at any particular point, fear, love for God, lost, lonely, helpless, there’s a psalm that will captures and help express your emotions and feelings.

It is so inspired of the Lord that it houses almost all of human emotions and feelings and its expression towards God.

‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want,’ was David’s expression of His confidence in the wisdom of God to help, guide and lead him into pleasant places and provision even in the midst of uncertainness. (See Psalm 23:1, KJV)

‘Why art thou cast down oh my soul and why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God…’ is an expression of a condition of the heart that you and I can relate with. (See Psalm 42:11, KJV)

Whatever your feeling is, it is already captured in the psalms for you by the Holy Spirit, so all you need is just to locate it and rehearse it before the Lord.

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3. It Is Prayer Captured In God’s Handwriting For You

You don’t need to look too far for prayer points on any subject.

Just look into the psalms and you will find prayers of the Spirit that resonate with you and that best fit and express the situation you are in, and what you are asking of the Lord.

You see, if you are left alone to craft words to pray to God, you may not be able to get the exact words to express yourself, faith and fear. But God in His sovereignty and wisdom has put together for you in the psalms His word for you can pray to Him when in need.

It makes it very simple to pray.

And seeing that God honors His word under any circumstances, He will come through for you when you pray it to Him.

You see, the best way to pray is to pray God’s word, when you do, you bring God under obligation to honor His word.

The Psalms help you get this done cheaply.

Pray His word, the psalms and He will sure answer you.

I’d liken the Psalm to praying in the spirit in the New Testament.

I think, it was the Old Testament saints way of praying in the spirit.

They help express your heart, desire and condition to God….you will find in the psalm a passage that resonates with you, your challenges, as if the writer knows what is going on in your heart and then help you express and talk them over with the Lord.

Thank God, His Spirit knows.

4. The Release Of God’s Power And   

The psalms when declared in faith will release God’s power, presence and glory into your life and situation.

In the psalms is the glory of God revealed.

What did you think the Musicians appointed by King Solomon at the dedication of the Temple did when the glory of God filled the temple so much so that they could not stand to worship? (See 2 Chronicles 5:12-14)

It was the psalms they sang with musical instruments of course!

That’s to tell the power in the psalms.

5. Release of Grace

The psalm is one book that captures almost all the major subjects in scripture that pertain to the redemption of man.

Mercy, deliverance, forgiveness, protection, healing, salvation, favor, life, provision, Holy Spirit, reconciliation, hope, faith, love, strength, ministry of angels, the divine presence, just name them.

You will find the most powerful subjects of the New Testament in the psalms.

That tells you something: God has put in the Psalms a testimony of Himself from where you can branch out to other parts of the Bible.

It is a testament in itself, a book that you can hold to and live by if you want to please God.

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Why are the psalms so powerful?

There may be 101 reasons and more on why the psalms are so powerful, but we find the above five reasons strong, encapsulating and intriguing.

We trust that if you give yourself to studying the psalms, living it, praying it and confessing it, you will live in power and victory over your enemies.

You will find hope in a despair world, you will find courage and encouragement in place of fear and hopelessness, and you will find grace, mercy and forgiveness where guilt and torment have been the order of the day.

You will find healing from sicknesses, diseases and deliverance from troubles.

Above all, you will find the Christ, the Son of God, and the risen and exalted King who is at the center of the psalms:  The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. (Psalm 110: 1, KJV)

God bless you!

Why Are The Psalms So Powerful? 5 Reasons That Count


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