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What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean?

what does praying in the spirit mean

If you are asking: what does praying in the spirit mean, then this post is for you.

We wrote extensively on praying in the spirit a while ago, but if that is not enough, we will still endeavor to answer your question no matter what.

So what does praying in the spirit mean?

It means so much.

Now, let’s see.

What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean?

What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean

Praying in the spirit means to have and to receive the help and enablement of the Holy Spirit in prayer.

It is actually allowing the Holy Spirit to inspire, guide and direct your prayer such that you are able to pray the will of God.

It is the spirit inspiring you with what to pray and also how to pray it with success.

It is to be noted that praying in the spirit is not the same thing as speaking in tongues.

Yes, praying in the spirit does include speaking in tongues but it is more than that.

Praying in the spirit gathers into itself everything that makes for effective praying, prayers that get the attention of heaven and deliver the answer.

It includes groaning, tongues, fervency, passion, intercession, the word and lots more.

It means you praying beyond your routine and organized prayer list.

It involves the Holy Spirit giving you knowledge and understanding of situations and circumstances that are not within your immediate environment and that needed urgent attention in prayer.

This is where intercession comes in.

Praying in the spirit must be the greatest tool of the interceding Christian if he must be used of the Lord effectively.

So you must be open-minded to be able to accommodate knowledge of situations that are beyond you at the moment if you must learn to pray in the spirit.

And you must quick to respond too.

What You Need To Pray In The Spirit

What does praying in the spirit mean?

A lot and more!

But to be able to pray in the spirit with great results, you need to know some of these things that form the foundation for Spirit-led, Spirit-guided prayers. 

So here are some things that make for praying in the spirit effectively.

1. The leading of the Spirit

Without the Holy Spirit, there’s nothing like praying in the spirit. All you have is praying in the flesh and in your understanding outside the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the one that inspires the impulses to praying in the spirit.

2. Faith

To be able to pray in the spirit, you must believe that there’s ‘a praying in the spirit,’ and that you want to be used of the Lord to do it.

3. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

To get in the flow of praying in the spirit, you must be sensitive to the nudging of the Holy Spirit. He will inspire in you to pray and will also give the ability to do it. (Phil 2:13)

4. Yielding and Obedience

Plus, not only do you have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in the matter of praying in the spirit, you have to be willing to yield and obey the impulses and light the Holy Spirit is bringing to your mind.

If you yield and are quick to obey the Holy Spirit, you will find the Lord helping you to pray often.   

What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean

5. Fervency

The prayer born of the spirit brings with it fire and fervency.

And you must be willing to burst loose and break free when the fire comes so you can fully express and exhaust the prayer.

6. Open-mindedness

Since the Holy Spirit directs prayer in the spirit, he will with impromptu bring you knowledge of situations and circumstances outside of your immediate environment and that needed to be attended to with urgency in prayer.

Being open minded will help you to be receptive to the Spirit.

7. Quick response

There’s no place for the lazy and procrastinator in Spirit-motivated prayers.

Most times, the prayer comes with urgency; a life, a situation needed to be salvaged right now and the Holy Spirit is depending on you to cover the situation.

Swift response is needed in the School of prayer with the Spirit.   

8. Speaking in tongues and groaning

Praying in the spirit may mean speaking in tongues and also groaning.

In short, without speaking in tongues, you may not be able to pray in the spirit fully, correctly, exhaustively and satisfactorily.

Plus, the prayer in the spirit may come with groaning (sighs that cannot be put in articulate words).

All you need is to go the way the spirit leads.


The Power And Benefits Of Praying In The Spirit

What does praying in the spirit mean?

So much, you know.

Here are some of the benefits of praying in the spirit.

1. Helps you to pray the mind and the will of God

2. Helps you to pray correctly

3. Helps you to exhaust your prayer, to pray with satisfaction

4. Fills you with power and fervency

5. Fills you with faith for the answer

6. Takes you into realms and depths of God you never experienced before

7. Fills you with assurance that your prayer has reached the throne of God

8.  Helps you pray prayers that are beyond your understanding and knowledge of your immediate environment and situation.

9. It helps you pray the prayer of intercession with great results.


What does praying in the spirit mean?

So much and more!

The ground you cover when you are used of the spirit in prayer is nothing compare to what you could ordinarily do if you follow you organized prayer lists and schedule.

And the results are far reaching.

You may just be praying for the deliverance of a loved one if you yield to the Spirit’s impulses right now as you pray.

To be best used of God in the ministry of intercession, one must know how to pray in the spirit.

Or better still, one must learn to be sensitive and yield to the Holy Spirit in praying in the spirit if he will be used of God in intercession.

A lot more depend on you my friend if you learn to pray in the spirit.

You can stop the devil in his track, you can help birth the counsel and will of God for a people, nation, person and in a matter.

Plus, you all the more help to advance and establish the kingdom of God on the earth through your Spirit-led, Spirit-inspired motivated prayers.

Let God use you!   

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What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean?


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  1. Thank you so much. I am enlighten by these prayer points, for praying in the Spirit and receiving that outpouring. This fits well into a topic I have for a class session. Thank you so much, and may God continue to uplift others.

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