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19 Powerful Prayer Points For Families and Marriages

prayer points for families and marriages

Here are prayer points for families and marriages you can use to pray.

Did you know that top on the agenda of Satan in this age is the destruction of families and marriages?

Yes, Christian families and marriages in particular!

Satan is afraid that the next savior will be born soon, that a savior will come from your family and my family, that’s why your family is His chief target.

He even wants to completely do away with God ordain marriages and families, hence the craze for same sex marriage that he is inspiring and sponsoring all over the world today.

You must not be ignorant of the devices of the devil. (See 2 Corinthians 2:11, KJV)

You must rise up to the occasion first and foremost in prayers and then in lending your voice to truth, sanctity and blessedness of marriage and family as instituted, prescribed and practiced in God’s Holy Word.

Now to help get you started praying for families and marriages, we have therefore put together these prayer points for families and marriages so you can readily have something to pray.


Let’s go.

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prayer points for families and marriages

Prayer Points For Families And Marriages

The following are prayer points for families and marriages you can promptly pray:

1. Pray and thank God for the institution of marriage and families that He ordained in His wisdom for humanity even before the world began, in Jesus name.

And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female. (Matthew 19:4, KJV)

2. Pray and declare that His plan and counsel for humanity shall never be hijacked or successfully truncated by Satan, in Jesus name.

Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure. (Isaiah 46:9-10, KJV)

3. Pray and declare that every satanic agenda to undermine the sanctity of the marriage union and family relationship and togetherness will never prosper in this time and will not also prosper in the time to come, in Jesus name.

He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise. (Job 5:12, KJV)

4. Pray and bind demons that are sent by Satan specifically to destroy marriages and families, in Jesus name.

To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron. (Psalm 149:8, KJV)

5. Pray, declare and frustrate every strategy of the devil (anger, un-forgiveness, hate, strange ideologies, anti Christ philosophies) that he engenders towards the destruction and break down of the marriage union and family relationship, in Jesus name.               

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6. Pray and declare that saviors will yet arise out of every Christian home and marriage all over the world, in Jesus name.

And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’S. (Obadiah 1:21, KJV)

7. Pray and declare that strange men and women will not succeed in crumbling your own marriage and family, in Jesus name.

For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit. (Proverbs 23:27, KJV)

8. Pray and ask the Lord to hold and strengthen the hand of your spouse with His mighty hand of righteousness so that they will not fall for fornication and adultery, in Jesus name.

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. (Isaiah 41:10, KJV)

9. Pray and bind demons of insensitivity and anger that Satan has sent to ravage families and marriages, in Jesus name.

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city. (Proverbs 16:32, KJV)

10. Pray and declare that the demons that cause strain and hardship in marriage and family will not prosper in your family, in Jesus name. (Many go after other men and women because their spouses are not able to meet their financial needs)

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. (Isaiah 54:17, KJV) 

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11. Pray and receive wisdom from God for every marriage and family to be able to know how to handle their passions with satisfaction, in Jesus name.

Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. (Proverbs 24:3, KJV)

12. Pray and receive the grace for contentment and godliness in all things for Christian families and marriages, in Jesus name.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. (1Timothy 6:6, KJV)

13. Pray and ask the Lord to inspire true love and unity in marriages and families, among spouses and siblings, in Jesus name.

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. (Genesis 11:6, KJV)

14. Pray and take delivery from the Lord of the divine destiny of your family and that of the other families of the earth, in Jesus name.

For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him. (Genesis 18:19, KJV)

15. Pray and ask the Lord to build for you a home and a dynasty like He did for King David of Israel, in Jesus name.  

Ever since I appointed judges to rule my people Israel. So I will give you peace with all your enemies. I, the LORD, tell you that I will make a house for you. (2 Samuel 7:11, GW)

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16. Pray and declare that your seed shall be blessed and mighty upon the earth according to God’s Holy word of promise, in Jesus name.

His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed. (Psalm 112:2, KJV)

17. Pray and declare that your family and marriage and that of believers all over the world will be a true blessing to the world, the peoples and the lands, in the name of Jesus Christ.

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. (Genesis 12:3, KJV)

18. Pray and declare that the lines are fallen unto you and your family in pleasant places and that you are being enlarged on every side, in Jesus name.

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. (Psalm 16:6, KJV)

19. Pray and declare that your marriage and family enjoys true prosperity, real peace, complete rest, joy and happiness that comes from the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name.  

If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures. (Job 36:11, KJV)

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prayer points for families and marriages


Nonetheless exhaustive, these prayer points for families and marriages are great and ideal prayer points you can pray on the go for families and marriages all over the world.

These prayers will produce the desired result if you pray them in faith and faithfully.

This is because they are bible based, tested and inspired by God’s holy word and Spirit.

You can’t pray God’s word and not get proven and solid results.

You cannot align with God’s purpose (family and marriage are God’s idea, God’s design) and not have the heaven open over you with glory and power.

And because families and marriages are top priority on God’s agenda for this end time, then you can be sure to have His face when you decide to make His business, your business.

Now in conclusion, we are somewhat convinced that the only way to truly and satisfactorily pray these prayer points for families and marriages is to actively pray them in the spirit.

That way, you will be able to exhaust the prayers, pray the mind of God and really pray well.

Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV)

All the best!        

19 Powerful Prayer Points For Families and Marriages


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