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31 Great Prayer Points For Single Ladies With Scriptures

prayer points for single ladies with scriptures

Here are prayer points for single ladies with scriptures that you can use to pray.

You don’t want to stay single all your life, whether being a lady or a minster.

It is not God’s best for you to stay single.

God’s best is that you marry, you get joined together with another man in holy matrimony.

Why is this so?

It is because God’s dream for humanity is perpetrated through the family…and marriage is your introduction to family life and living.

But that does not mean that as a single lady, you cannot maximize your life.

You can live to the fullest, only that you will never know the joy of motherhood – being a co-creator with God.

There’s no joy that compares with the joy of being a mother and or a father.

So, if you are a single lady and are trusting God to keep and preserve you through the times, you have got to take this prayer guide serious.

And if also you are looking to get married that soon, you sure should have a great time praying through with the prayer points.

Whatever your position, these prayer points for single ladies with scriptures can help you further down the road in your desire to stay clean while single and also in your desire to get married in the will of God.

Ready to pray God’s will for your life now and for your marriage?

It’s time we get serious with these matters and then set ourselves to pray it in the light of God’s word.

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Prayer Points For Single Ladies with Scriptures

The following is a list of prayer points for single ladies with scriptures that you can use to pray for your keeping while single and for God to connect you by divine providence with His will for you in marriage.

1. Oh Lord my Father, into your hands I commit my life and times and I trust you for your grace to keep myself holy, unspotted and undefiled from the lust and defilement of the world, in Jesus’ name.

2. Oh Lord my Father, my times are in your hand, keep me going in your will until the day I finally give my yes and I do to your will for my life in marriage, in Jesus’ name.

3. Oh Lord my Father, I am your daughter, my life and times are in your hands, lead me Lord in the way everlasting and in the path of peace and righteousness as I wait on you for marital settlement, in Jesus’ name.

4. I ask Lord that you guide me as a shepherd and keep me from the hands of unreasonably wicked men who are seeking to take advantage of me, in Jesus’ name.

5. Father, I ask that you lead me in the path of purity and progress as I wait on your will for my life in marriage, in Jesus’ name.

6. Father, I present my body, every member of my body to you for the keeping, I declare that every member of my body is kept from abuse and defilement, in Jesus’ name.

7. I also present my attitudes and emotions to you Lord, let them all align with your emotions and your will for my life, in Jesus’ name.

8. I pray and ask that you guide me in the path of peace to a man of peace for a husband in marriage, in Jesus’ name.

9. I pray that you open my eyes to see and my mind to discern bad intentions and advances and give me the grace to overcome and escape them, in Jesus’ name.

10. Lord, help me to love you in these time and days when I’m still single, oh that my heart will continually stay in loving obedience to your word and Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

11. Father, give me emotions for the Lord Jesus, help me to love Jesus with all my heart, strength, might and mind; I want to be deeply and affectionately in love with you, Lord, in Jesus’ name.

12. I pray against forces of wickedness that are sent to pry on my weakness and use it against me through dreams, in Jesus’ name.

13. Yes, I decree and declare that no evil force that rises against me by way of sex and defilement in my dream shall prosper, in Jesus’ name.

14. Yes, I resist demons of darkness, mermaid and incubus spirit seeking to ravage me in my sleep for spiritual defilement and demonic deposits, in the name of Jesus Christ.

15. I resist every violation of demons in my sleep, and because it is a spiritual violation against God’s word and my will, I declare that they are sentence to the hottest place in hell, in Jesus’ name.

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16. I receive my release and deliverance from any of such satanic influences through the power of the blood of Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ.

17. Oh Lord my Father, I declare that whatever virtue and grace I have lost to such demonic violations and abuse be restored back to me in seven-fold, in Jesus’ name.   

18. I declare that I am recompensed and restored by the Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ.

19. In your wisdom oh Lord, I ask that you help and cause me to repent from any attitude or habit that may have given these demons the right of way and access to my soul, in Jesus’ name.

20. I decree and declare that by the blood of the Lamb of God, I am cleansed and purged completely of defilement and satanic deposits these demons may have injected into me, in Jesus’ name.

21. I decree that the effects of the operation of those demons ends today and I will not have a reason to carry any over into marriage, in Jesus’ name.

22. Lord, fill me afresh with your Spirit, breathe upon me life and grace; let me be quieted with your holy presence, in Jesus’ name.   

23. I pray Father for the maturing of the fruit of the spirit in me so I may become like Jesus in every way and be able to make a home that will bring glory to the name of the Lord, in Jesus’ name.

24. Teach me wisdom Lord and fill me with knowledge and skill that will profit my husband to be in every way, in Jesus’ name.

25. Yes Lord, fill me with discernment and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit so I may be able to watch my husband’s back in time to come when I get married, in Jesus’ name.

26. I ask that you fill me with supernatural skill and intelligence to make a home that is for your glory and that will become the joy and envy of the world around us, in Jesus’ name.

27. I trust you Lord for strength and abilities to be a virtuous woman, a woman that will by all means be a great addition to her husband rather than a subtraction, in Jesus’ name.

28. Help me to provide the intelligence and guidance that my husband to be and my children to be born will need in time to navigate through the rough paths of life, in Jesus’ name.

29. And Father, I trust in your wisdom to build not just only a physical home but to build a people (my husband to be and children to be born) that are zealous for good works, in Jesus’ name.

30. Lord, in your name, I disable permanently generational patterns and curses that may have been trailing my life and path, deterring me from finding release and fullness of expression in life and as child of God, in Jesus’ name.

31. I decree that my head is anointed with the oil of favor, so I attract by all means goodwill, favor, peace, progress and prosperity always through the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.


Now, go ahead and thank the Lord for answer to prayers, in Jesus’ name.

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On and on and on, there’s so much we can say and pray about single ladies but this list of prayer points for single ladies with scriptures is meant to help you get started in prayer.

Give yourself to praying these prayer in faith and with all sincerity and you will see the glory of God.

Now, the most effective way to praying these prayers and getting results is to pray them sincerely and earnestly in the spirit and in tongues.

That way, you will be able to pray the very mind and will of God for you in prayer (See Romans 8:26-27, NIV)

That way also, you will be to exhaust your prayers, cover all there is to cover in prayer in this area of your life with nothing left untouched.

That’s why praying in the spirit and in tongues is by all means the most spiritually advanced way to pray.

You cover all there is to pray on a subject in prayer and you also pray through – all in and from one blow and blast. (See Ephesians 6:18a, KJV)

So, if you want to see scriptural results in prayer, you must learn to pray scriptural too, adhering to scriptural injunctions.

God bless you.

All the best!

31 Great Prayer Points For Single Ladies With Scriptures


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