21 Powerful Prayer Points For Breaking Stubborn Curses

prayer points for breaking stubborn curses

Here’s a list of prayer points for breaking stubborn curses you can use to pray.

Curses are real, yet more real is the power of God’s word and prayer to break them and to end their effect in your life.

A look through the Holy Scripture from Genesis to Revelation shows glimpses here and there of curses, how they are incurred and how one can also be free from them.

A curse is like a dark shadow from the past that’s covering your life and destiny from the receiving the sunshine from heaven.

When a person is under a curse, endless struggles, frustrations and incessant disappointments will keep trailing that person.

But point is, no matter, the curse you are battling with, Jesus died on the cross to legally liberate you from it.

So, God has done something in Christ about that curse, now you have a legal ground to be free.

But just make sure that the curse you are dealing with is not from God (Curses also come from God, you know!). See Malachi 3:6-12. Repentance is all you need to be free from God’s curse.

Now, through prayer, you can appropriate your redemption from every curse through the shed blood of Christ.

These prayer points for breaking stubborn curses will help deliver your freedom.

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Prayer Points For Breaking Stubborn Curses

Prayer Points For Breaking Stubborn Curses (With Bible Verses)

Here are 21 prayer points for breaking stubborn curses that will help deliver the goods for you.

Pray them in faith believing.

1. Father, I renounce and repent of any sin that may have opened me up for curses to alight. I ask that you forgive me of every known and unknown sin whatsoever that gave the devil ground to be able to afflict me with curses, in Jesus name. (Proverbs 23:13, Proverbs 26:2)

2. Father, I want to thank for your provision in Christ for my redemption and deliverance from every and or any curse, in Jesus name. (Galatians 3:13-14)

3. Father, I declare that every curse in my life break now by the blood of Christ. I plead the blood for my release, in Jesus name. (Revelation 12: 11)

4.  Father, I declare that no weapon formed against me in the form of curses shall succeed against me anymore from today, in Jesus name. (Isaiah 54:17)

5. Father because your word declares that no curse can touch Jacob and that no sorcery has power against Israel, I declare, I am the seed of Abraham, no curse from today onwards can touch me, no witchcraft spell has power over me again, in Jesus name. (Numbers 23:23)

6. Lord, nothing is impossible with you, I declare that every stubborn curse in my life be broken and shattered, in the mighty name of Jesus. (Matthew 19:26)

7. Lord, your word declares that even the captive of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered. Now, Lord contend with every curse in my life and deliver me, in Jesus name.  (Isaiah 49:25)

8. Father, your word declare that you will bless everyone who blesses me and curse all who curse me, I am the seed of Abraham in Christ Jesus, curse Lord, everyone who curses me, in Jesus name. (Genesis 12:3)

9. Lord, your word declares that if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have passed away. I declare therefore that the old things of curses and spells have passed away from my life, in Jesus name. (2 Corinthians 5:17)  

10. Father, again I ask that you forgive me of every sin, known and unknown that has given the devil a hold to oppress me with curses. Forgive me in Jesus name. I refuse to give place to the devil. (1 John 1:9, and Ephesians 4:27)

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11. Lord, I know that my fight is not with humans but with evil spirits that empower the curses to take effect. Now Lord, I come against every evil spirit behind any curse in my life. I bind you and command you to desist from your operation over my life, in Jesus name. (Ephesians 6:12)

12. Lord, I submit my all to you; spirit, soul and body. And I therefore resist the devil and his curses and the spirits that give power to the curses, flee from me now, in Jesus name. (James 4:7)

13. In the name of Jesus, I take authority over every curse operating in my life right now. I bind the demon behind – working it. I stop your operation now, in Jesus name. (Luke 10:19)

14. By the power and authority that Jesus delegated to me, I declare every curse cease to operate in my life now, in Jesus name. And I cast out the demon behind it, in Jesus name. (Luke 9:1)

15. In the name of Jesus, I bind curses from working and operating in my life. Now, I call for the blessing instead, I release the blessing of Abraham purchased on the cross for me by Christ to begin to work in my life and destiny now. (Matthew 16:19)

16. Lord, as I pray, I ask that you help me not to hold any body in mind who may be responsible for releasing the curse. I forgive them all, in Jesus name. (Romans 12:14)

17. In the name of Jesus, and by the righteousness which is of faith, I overcome every curse and evil that have been perpetuated a long time in my life by servants of Satan. I prevail over you by the blood of the lamb and by my testimony of the power in the blood of Christ. (Romans 12:21)

18. Lord, as your minister and servant of righteousness and good, I pronounce your wrath against and upon every servant of Satan that Satan has used to afflict me with curses, in Jesus name. May they be blinded and dumb in perpetuity and may the curse come on them and their families, in Jesus name. (Romans 13:4)

19. By the word of the Lord, I declare my freedom from curses. I declare that the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus sets me free now from the law of sin, curses and death, in Jesus name. (Romans 8:2)

20. Father, I declare that by the blood of Jesus, every pronouncement, spell (written or verbal) against me be cancelled, recalled and blotted out now, in Jesus name. I reverse them all, in Jesus name. (Colossians 2:14-15)

21. Father, I thank you for teaching me to war with your word and your name. I destroy curses in the name of the Lord, and by your holy written word, in Jesus name. I am free, blessed and liberated now, in Jesus name. (Psalm 144:1)

Thank you for answer to prayers Lord, in Jesus name!

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Prayer Points For Breaking Stubborn Curses


Nonetheless exhaustive, these 21 prayer points for breaking stubborn curses will give you the victory you need over curses in your life.

All that is required of you is to pray these prayers often and in faith until you see the desired results.

You may even have to add a little bit of fasting and prayer when you pray these prayer points for breaking stubborn curses.

And don’t forget that for your prayers to be effective, they have to be based on God’s word. That’s why we endeavor to give you scriptural basis for every of the prayer points for breaking stubborn curses.

We believe prayer points for breaking stubborn curses when prayed in faith, will reverse the dark shadow over your life.

It will burst open the sunshine of heaven over your life.

In other words, prayer points for breaking stubborn curses will catapult you from darkness to light where God’s rain and blessing will freely fall on you.

Get ready to start to enjoy the blessing of heaven praying these prayer points for breaking stubborn curses.

All the best!    

21 Powerful Prayer Points For Breaking Stubborn Curses


17 thoughts on “21 Powerful Prayer Points For Breaking Stubborn Curses

  1. Lilly my email is vienna [email protected] thanks for these prayers me my husband have been many places preaching but too much struggle now we’re happy to get your prayers my dad died 30yrs he keep coming and cursing me every time thanks for your prayers and I renovated his grave but still,, but pray fort me lilly Janet

    1. Yes, we need, I need to break and bind these curses, they have throw upon me, please lord take away the anxiety, from me and my household, return to sender in Jesus name!!!

  2. It’s my first time visiting this website my life is not going well I really need ur help in prayers I believe in God that my life will change. Thanks for the prayers point

  3. please pray that every curse put om me and my family will be broken, and for the quick, easy and honest sale of our share of 10 Rajan, which has been cursed

    1. It’s done Margaret. Jesus did that for you on the cross, just appropriate it through faith and prayer.
      That sales will happen as soon as in Jesus name.

  4. I got these prayer points when I have prophesies that I am cursed.i believe I will be catapulted to God’s blessings

    1. Yes, the blood of Jesus is the ground and basis for your freedom and deliverance from curses.
      Stand your ground pleading and the praying the blood of Christ to destroy every curse in your life in Jesus name.

    1. Lord, come through for my brother Joseph Chanda, in Jesus name.
      Let your mighty hand of power bring him a complete and permanent financial breakthrough, in Jesus name.
      It is well my brother.
      Believe God for the best, the answer is on the way….

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