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Powerful Prayer For Quick Recovery For My Wife

prayer for quick recover for my wife

Here’s a prayer guide tagged prayer for quick recovery for my wife that you can use to pray for her recovery.

You don’t want your wife to be sick, no genuine husband wants it.

But sometimes, things happen and suddenly your wife is plague with sickness that you cannot explain, leaving you and the family somewhat constraint, confused and setback.

What your wife needs at this critical moment of her life is your 100 percent support and consistent prayer.

Yes, you can believe for her in her weak moment, you stand in faith for her and you can pray prevailing prayers for her for quick recovery in Jesus’ name.

You are the head of the family and head of your wife, so you can stand in faith and pray for her to be healed seeing she is a member of your body – for the head is the savior of the body. So, save her. (See Ephesians 5:23, KJV)

In that light, I want you to go to God in prayer today demanding for a miracle of quick and fast recovery for her.

Ready to make power available today for your wife’s quick recovery?

Let’s do it together.

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Prayer For Quick Recovery For My Wife

The following is a prayer guide tagged prayer for quick recovery for my wife that you can pray for her in faith believing that God will raise her up from the bed of affliction quickly:

Prayer To The Father 

Oh Lord my God, I come in praise and adoration of your holy name. I have come to say thank you for the wonderful work you have done in Christ for my family, wife, kids and I.

Yes, you sent Jesus to undertake for me and family on the cross, there He bore every pain, sickness, plague, affliction, infirmity and all evil that will ever bedevil my wife and me.

And when He had fully assumed the cause and the punishment for sin and sickness, you raised Him from the dead, proof that my wife’s case has been fully and duly settled.

So now, she has a blood bought right, a legal right to be freed and released from pain, affliction, disease and death.

Upon this truth, I stand and on it I claim and take her healing, her quick and complete recovery from sickness, in the name of Jesus Christ.

What you did in Christ, you did for my wife and in that confidence I claim her healing, in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Against The Devil

Satan, you heard my rehearsal of the finished work of Christ, your legal defeat and my wife’s legal release.

So now, I demand that you take your hands off of my wife, desist from your operation over her life, stop the attacks, stop the assaults and let her be, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Take your disease and go with it from her and never to come back again, in Jesus’ name.

I charge every spirit of infirmity behind the sickness to go, pack your load and get off of my wife’s body, soul, mind and emotion right now, in Jesus’ name.

Loose her and let her be, let her go free, in Jesus’ name.

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Prayer For Her Body

Now Lord, I speak to my wife’s body, body, hear the word of the Lord, healing comes by the word, therefore I command healing on you in the name of Jesus Christ.

I call for strength for you, I call for life for you; may the power of God come upon your body and raise it up from death and weakness like He did the dead body of Christ by raising Him from the dead.

Yes, I call for a touch of life and of the power of God on your body, I ask that the resurrection power of God react on your body now, overshadow it with life and strength and heal it, in Jesus’ name.

Live and not die woman, live and not die, in Jesus’ name.

I command your body to respond to treatment, yes, let it respond swiftly to every medication, drip, liquid, food and water given it for recovery, in Jesus’ name.

Holy Spirit of grace, please effect the cure of the cross on the body of my wife and make her every whit whole by your power, in Jesus’ name.

Prayer For Her Mind

And may your mind be instilled with strength, faith and courage in the name of Jesus Christ.

I plead the blood of Jesus on your mind for sanity and control, I declare that no root of doubt, hate and bitterness will successfully form in your mind, in Jesus’ name.

I call for light for you, all through the process of recovery, may you never be down with hopeless, doubtful and fearful thoughts, in Jesus’ name.

I pray that the Lord will help hold your thoughts and minds together so you continue to trust, hope and believe in the faithfulness, goodness and integrity of God’s holy word as far as healing is concerned, in Jesus’ name.

You will never loose your faith in Christ Jesus in these tough and trying moment of your life. May the good Lord keep you going and steady in faith in spite of, until the day you rise up perfectly and completely whole by His power, in Jesus’ name. (See Luke 22:32, KJV)


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Yes sir!

Prayer for quick recovery for my wife.

You can be sure the Lord has heard your prayer for your wife, dear brother.

You have released your faith, you have issued command, you have spoken to her body and mind, and you have also dealt with the devil. What is left for you to do now is praise.

Yes, stand in faith, keep praising the Lord for the healing of your wife and keep declaring that your wife will walk, run and jump again…and don’t stop until you see her rise up from the bed of affliction totally healed and made completely whole by the power of the Holy Spirit.

For as surely as the Lord lives, as surely as His word does not fail, for as surely as His throne is eternal, the Lord will make good your prayer of faith for your wife. 

You will leave to see it.

Your wife will live again, will be whole and hearty….and you will be glad you prayed and stood in faith seeing you have received her alive and well again. (See Hebrews 11:35a, KJV)

May your wife health be recovered speedily and quickly through the power of the Holy Spirit and of the Word, in Jesus’ name! (See Isaiah 58:8, NIV)

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.


God bless you.

All the best!

Powerful Prayer For Quick Recovery For My Wife


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