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Powerful Prayer For Fast Recovery From Stroke

prayer for fast recovery from stroke

If you or a loved one for reasons best known to doctors come down with stroke, this post on prayer for fast recovery from stroke may help you recover.

Whether partial or full stroke, prayer and medicine working together can help bring about a cure.

First off, you need to understand that sicknesses and diseases were legally borne on the cross for you by Christ in redemption, to the end that you may be free from them, not to bear them again. (See 1 Peter 2:24, KJV).

So, because Jesus bore them, now, you have a right, a blood bought right to be free and healed of sicknesses and diseases.

You have a right, a legal right to be healed and to live in health perpetually. 

Secondly, sickness is an oppression of the devil, and God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power to heal everyone oppressed of the devil. (Acts 10:38, NIV)

Jesus’ mission has not changed, His nature, character, attitude and ministry to the sick and oppressed is the same today.

So, you can count on that too for your release from stroke.

That said.

Let us now get on to praying prayer for fast recovery from stroke.

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Prayer For Fast Recovery from Stroke

Here’s a prayer for fast recovery from stroke that you can use to pray to take your release from stroke and its effect on your body:

Prayer Addressing The Lord

Lord Jesus, I believe that sicknesses and diseases are from the devil, not from you, they came with the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden. (See Genesis 3, KJV)

Plus, I believe you went to the cross, suffered in my place to bear sins, sicknesses, curses and evil. (See Matthew 8:16-17, KJV)

Having died under the load and burden of sin and sicknesses, you were buried, went to hell to suffer the consequences of sin and sicknesses.

And when you had fully assumed the curse and consequences of sin and sicknesses and satisfied the claims of justice, God the Father raised you from the dead back to life.

Your resurrection is proof that the work you did for me on the cross is perfect, complete and permanent.

It is a proof that I have been legally and fully redeemed from sin, Satan and their effects of curses and diseases.

That means sin, Satan and sicknesses have no more power over me to afflict me at will.

No, their rights have been taken away and dominion ended, all by redemption.

So now, in your name I can be free and healed form stroke and any other affliction of the devil.

I therefore demand my release and healing from stroke now, in the name of the Lord Jesus.    

Now, Lord, having settled with sin and sicknesses, rose from the dead, you ascended to heaven and then sent your Holy Spirit to effect the cure you purchased for me on the cross in my body.

The Holy Spirit now taking His permanent residence in me, in my body, is so that He can continue to effect the cure and power of redemption in my body.

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Prayer Addressing The Devil

Yes, now that my body has become the temple of the Holy Spirit, Satan has no right to afflict it with sickness whatsoever.

So, Satan, I demand that you take your filthy hand off of my body, stop violating my body, stop trespassing on God’s property, in Jesus’ name.

Yes, take your hands off me and desist from your operation over my life, in the name of Jesus.

I reject you Satan and your evil called stroke, I send it back to you, in Jesus’ name.

Yes, you demon of stroke, you have made a mistake by afflicting my body, I command you to loose me now and go back to hell, in Jesus, name.

Go back to where you come from, go back to sender, in Jesus mighty name.


Prayer Addressing Your Body

Now, I speak to my body; body, receive life, be quickened with the life of God again and be healed, in Jesus’ name.

I speak to every cell in my body, every vein, nerve, tissue, and ligament, receive life again, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Body, be quickened and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit from head to toe, in Jesus’ name.

I speak to my blood and all its vessels, be enlivened with the divine life now, in Jesus name.

Yes, I command healing into my body, I command resurrection life into my body for life, strength and complete healing, in Jesus’ name.

Spirit of the living God, heal my body, impact life and strength to my bones so they can carry my body again.

Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, give life to my joints – elbow, knee, wrist and ankle bones so they can carry my body again.

Quicken my speech nerve with life again, Lord, revive and heal it completely.

Yes, heal me and I shall be healed, in Jesus’ name. (See Jeremiah 17:14, KJV)

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Prayer for fast recovery from stroke!

The devil is the one that has afflicted your body with stroke, Jesus through the word and the power of the Holy Spirit brings you cure.

He made your cure possible through redemption.

And by that, you have a legal right to be heal, free and released from every oppression of the devil including stroke through His name.

Now, through prayer you can take your take your freedom, you can have your deliverance.

Through prayer, you can activate the power of the resurrected Christ, the power of the Holy Ghost to effect the redemption cure in your body.

You don’t have to settle for stroke and sickness, you don’t have to give up thinking that all hope is lost, no.

You can be healed and restored by the power of God through prayer.

You can be healed now.

Your body can come back to life again by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Your cells, nerves, joints, bones, can be quickened with the divine life bringing about healing and health.

Yes, strength can be restored to your weak body parts by the power of the Holy Spirit.

All you have to do is believe, released your faith, rise and be healed, in Jesus’ name.

Be healed in His name.


Powerful Prayer For Fast Recovery From Stroke


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