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Powerful Prayer For Fast Recovery From Accident

prayer for fast recovery from accident

Here’s a prayer for fast recovery from accident that you can use to pray for self, friend or loved ones who are trusting God for recovery.

God’s in the business of healing and recovery, still at it today like never before.

In short, to heal in God’s plan is actually to recover.

That’s why Scripture declares that those who believe will lay hands on the sick and when they do, the sick will recover. (See Mark 16:18d, KJV)

God wants you well and well fast, He wants you recover through faith in His word and prayer. Yet, He is not opposed to medication.

So both medicine and God’s word working together can effect quick healing if you do them in faith.

Take your medicine, but don’t forget that doctors treat but only God heals.

I think that you should spur you to really look ultimately to God for the perfection of your health.

This article is poised to help you do that, to help you express your faith in prayer for your miracle of quick and permanent recovery.

Let us pray.

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Prayer For Fast Recovery From Accident

The following is an inspired anointed prayer tagged ‘prayer for fast recovery from accident’ that you can use to pray for self, friend or a loved one who is looking up to God for miracle of quick and fast recovery from accident:

Prayer To The Father

Father, I want to thank you for preservation, protection and sustenance. Thank you Lord for sparing my life, for keeping me from death, for not allowing the devil to end my life through accident.

Yes, if not for you, I should have been dead by now. But you spared my life.

You did because you love me, because you have a plan for me.

You spared my life because you want to give me another chance at life, I understand this and I appreciate you for it Lord, in Jesus’ name.

Now, Lord, I ask that you look upon me in your mercy and perfect all that concerns me. Finish what you’ve started in me, Lord.

You kept me alive by grace, heal me too in your love, proof that you your grace is all sufficient.

Lord, send your word and heal me and I shall be healed.

Send your power and raise me up, and I shall live again.

Send your quickening word into my body and bones to heal it from every damage that may have been caused by accident on any part of my body.

Repair the damaged tissues, Lord, bind up the wounds, Lord, and fix the broken bones. Lord, in your name and power and raise me back up completely whole, in Jesus’ name.      

Prayer For The Mind

Lord, I pray that you keep me strong in faith and positive mental attitude all the time I am healing, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, you know that our bodies are sustained by our spirits, such that if the spirit is crushed, things will fall apart, and the body cannot hold. That’s why your word clearly declares that the spirit of man can sustain his infirmity but a broken spirit will not hold. (See Proverbs 18:14, KJV and Proverbs 17:22, KJV)

So Lord, keep my attitude right, guide my heart with faith and hope.

Send the light into my soul to dispel the darkness.

Let no darkness of hopelessness, helplessness, despair and guilt overcome me, let no emotions of regret and shame have the better part of me, Lord, at this time of my life, in Jesus’ name.

I look up to you day by day for words of life, hope and love, healing words from your mouth, Lord, to keep my faith up strong and going all through my healing process.

I ask that you guide my heart and emotions from fear, torments and lies of the devil through the power of the blood of Christ, in Jesus’ name.

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Prayer For The Body

Now, Lord, in your name I speak to my body, body, hear the word of the Lord and live.

Receive life, be quickened with life from God, be quickened with resurrection life, in Jesus’ name.

I command you body to respond to treatment and heal fast.

I declare that every medication; drugs, injections, drip that I have taken and will yet take become mingled and missed with the blood of Jesus.

Yes, even the water and food I am drinking and eating all through my healing process are intermingled with the blood of Jesus, they are not just ordinary medication, ordinary food and water, no. They are missed with the power of God.

As I take them, I take them in the name and power of God and my body responds to them in good faith.

Body, I command healing on you, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, I command healing on you now, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I call for strength too; I command the strength of God into my body and into my mind. Yes, my body is strengthened with power and with might according to the riches of God’s grace. (See Ephesians 3:16, KJV)

I ask for a supply and replenishing of every nutrient that my body needs to heal, heal fast and completely at this time, let there be an abundance of these nutrients and vitamins, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I declare that my body is for the Lord and the Lord for my body. Therefore, body, be healed and healed perfectly, be restored to life in its fullness through the power of God, in Jesus’ name. (See 1 Corinthians 6:13c, KJV)

I release you body from pain now, be free in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord for heeding the words of my mouth regarding my body, in Jesus’ name.

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Straight and forward, that simple prayer for fast recovery from accident can help to release God’s life and power into your body for speedy recovery.

Prayed in faith, you can even begin to feel a relief and release right away.

God is faithful, He watches over His word to make it good in the life of anyone who believes. (See Jeremiah 1:12, KJV and 2 Chronicles 16:9a, KJV)

You are a believer, that’s why you took the time and courage to say the prayer.

God has heard you and He will see to it in consonance with His word to make every word you declare in his ear, in His name, good. (See Numbers 14:28, KJV)

Believe that you have spoken in God’s ears, He’s heard you and will work it by making it good, in Jesus’ name.

I see you come out of that bed of sickness stronger and better in spirit, emotion, soul and body, in Jesus’ name.

Your testimony shall be complete, in Jesus’ name.

Go and start rehearsing your testimony, because at the right time, at the fullness of time, you will share it, you will tell of the goodness, kindness and mercy of God towards you.

I look forward to hearing your testimony soon!

God bless you.

All the best!   

So, we believe

Powerful Prayer For Fast Recovery From Accident


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