Faith Victorious

This Is The Victory That Has Overcome The World, Even Our Faith.


31 Fasting And Prayer Scriptures For Breakthrough

Here are fasting and prayer scriptures for breakthrough you can stand on as you seek God for breakthrough. God’s word is the basis for praying and receiving anything from the Lord. If you come to God seeking and asking Him for breakthrough, your surest stand is His word, that is, scriptures that you can hold […]

19 Great Benefits Of Fasting And Prayer Scriptures

If you are searching for scriptures to support fasting and prayer, this post tagged: benefits of fasting and prayer scriptures is it for you. You know, the safest and most solid ground to stand with God is His word. For everything you are seeking God for, there’s a scripture passage that promises it. And best […]

23 Beautiful Love Bible Verses for Valentine’s Day

Here are a handful of love bible verses for valentine’s day you can share with your spouse, friends and family members to fan the flames of love on this special day. You will never get what you cannot give. So don’t wait to receive love this valentine’s day, you give love, you be the first […]

23 Amazing Happy Valentine’s Day Bible Verses

Here are Valentine’s Day Bible verses you can show and share with your family and loved ones. February 14 is a day set aside world over as Valentine’s Day. A day for celebrating love and showing love to your loved ones. Though cannot be traced to the scriptures but Christianity from beginning to the end […]

31 Powerful Scriptures Against Delay And Stagnation

The surest way to deal with delays and stagnation in life is through your stand on and faith-filled declaration of God’s word. These scriptures against delay and stagnation will furnish you with bible verses (bullets of the Spirit) to shoot at delay and stagnation until you bring the two down. That’s what is called the […]

40 Great Scriptures For Revival And Spiritual Awakening

Here are scriptures for revival and spiritual awakening that you can stand on in prayer as you seek God for revival and spiritual awakening. You should study them in-depth and make your teachings on revival and spiritual awakening out of them. You may even draw a bible study plan from it to teach to your […]

33 Great Bible Verses For Warfare Prayer Points

Please hold and let me show you some bible verses for warfare prayer points for a quick reference. But first, let me quickly remind you that to be effective in prayer, spiritual warfare much more, you have to arm yourself with scriptures; bullet, spiritual bullet, which is the word of God. Jesus did not overcome […]

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