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31 Strong Warfare Prayer Points For Healing

warfare prayer points for healing

Here are warfare prayer points for healing you can use to pray.

See, sicknesses and diseases are a violation on your body which is God’s house.

You cannot fold your hands and allow termites to infiltrate and destroy a physical building if you live there.

You will do all you can, purchase chemicals and get spraying machines to get rid of the termites.

If you fold your hands and watch them, they will bring down the whole building one place at a time until the whole building is completely destroyed.

That’s what sicknesses and diseases do if you do not take the approach of force, action and resilience in dealing with them.

You should know that 90 percent (if not more) of sicknesses are caused by demons, malevolent, stubborn, wicked spirits whose derive pleasure from destroying the human body with pain and diseases.

They are evil and delight only in the degradation and dehumanization of God’s choice creation, man.

They use the tool of sin and sicknesses to do their dirty job of destroying humanity.

But thank God for Jesus, who on legal ground defeated them and secure your release from them and your victory over them.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit and through the name of Jesus, you can resist sickness, force the demon responsible for it out and obtain your healing and deliverance.

Are you ready to take your healing by force and power?

Let’s get to pray then.

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Warfare Prayer Points For Healing

The following is a list of warfare prayer points for healing that you can use to pray and secure your release from satanic oppression and torment of sicknesses and diseases:

1. Father, I want to thank you first and foremost for defeating Satan, sin and sickness for me through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in Jesus’ name.

Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. (Colossians 2:14-15, KJV)

2. Hear me sickness, hear me diseases, you have no power whatsoever over my body, your hold and claim have been legally broken by the blood of Christ, in Jesus’ name.

3. Hear me sickness, hear me disease, you no longer have any right over my body and mind to afflict with pain and torment it, in Jesus’ name.

He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, he reproved kings for their sakes, Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. (1 Chronicles 16:21-22, KJV)

4. I declare my release from you, I put an end to your illegal rule over my body and mind, in the name of Jesus Christ.

5. I bring the power of the Holy Spirit against you and by it, I push you out of my body and mind, in Jesus’ name.

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins. (Colossians 1:13-14, KJV)

6. And you foul devil, spirit of infirmity that is feeding the sickness with life and pain, I come against you in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of my body and mind, in Jesus’ name.

7. Yes, spirit of infirmity, come out of my body, come out with everything – pain and weakness you brought in with you, come out taking every of your evil with you, in Jesus’ name.

8. Yes, I demand that as you go, go back to hell and never to return, in Jesus’ name.

Strangers shall fade away, and they shall be afraid out of their close places. (2 Samuel 22:46, KJV)

When Jesus saw that the people came running together, he rebuked the foul spirit, saying unto him, Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee, come out of him, and enter no more into him. (Mark 9:25, KJV)

9. I pray for healing and restoration of my body and mind of all that Satan and sicknesses have taken from me, yes, I command total restoration, in Jesus’ name.

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD;.. (Jeremiah 30:17a, KJV)

10. I call for life, life from heaven, the life of Christ to manifest in my body right now, effecting divine healing and cure, in Jesus’ name.

For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh. (2 Corinthians 4:11, KJV)

11. I ask for a deployment, Lord, of the ‘Dunamis of your Spirit’ to effect in my body and mind the total cure that Jesus bought for me on the cross, in Jesus’ name.

But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. (Romans 8:11, KJV)

12. May my body be completely restored, renovated and re-invigorated through your power, Lord, in Jesus’ name.

13. My body, receive strength; my mind, receive invigoration, my spirit, receive life, in Jesus’ name.

14. I speak life to my body, I ask that the life of God will overwhelm me, overshadow and overcome me completely such that everything about me will come alive again, in Jesus, name.

Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself. (Philippians 3:21, KJV)

15. Yes, I ask that everything, time, resources, abilities that were lost and wasted be restored back to me in 100 fold, in Jesus’ name.

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16. I ask and receive the grace of life, the grace of living, the grace to live the rest of my life in health and in wealth, in Jesus’ name.

17. I shall not die but live to declare God’s goodness, faithfulness, and hand at work in my life, in Jesus’ name.

The right hand of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. (Psalm 118:16-17, KJV)

18. Yes, I will live my life out to the fullest in sound health and in wealth; never again will I know sicknesses and weaknesses, in Jesus’ name.

There shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfil. (Exodus 23:26, KJV)

19. I declare that Jesus is Lord over my body, over my mind completely, in Jesus’ name.

20. My body is the very dwelling place of God, therefore I will not permit sin and sicknesses to defile it any longer, in Jesus’ name.

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, kjv)

21. Yes, I take responsibility for my body – God’s temple, I will keep it clean; swept and clean for the owner, my Lord, void of every sin and sickness, in Jesus’ name.

22. I put up resistance by the power of God against any subsequent violation of God’s temple – my body, in the name of Jesus Christ.

23. I refuse to allow Satan and his wicked demons to afflict me with pain and torments, not any more, in Jesus’ name.

24. I raise the banner, the ensign of the name of Jesus, the Spirit of Holiness and the word of God over my body and mind, in Jesus’ name.  

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7, KJV)

25. Lord, I ask for light, let your light lighten up the atmosphere in my home, in the name of Jesus Christ.

26. I push out and push away the heavy cloud of oppression that has persistently permeated my home, and that have created an atmosphere for Satan to thrive, in Jesus’ name.

27. Let there be light in my home; LIGHT, be; evade my home and dispel the darkness, in Jesus’ name.

Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. (Ephesians 5:14, KJV)

28. I call for the fullness of the divine presence to come on my life and fill my home, let God’s glory become the atmosphere in my home, in Jesus’ name.

29. I ask for the mark of the Lord to be upon my body as a sign of ‘touch not,’ in Jesus’ name.

From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. (Galatians 6:17, KJV)

30. I speak peace to my body, peace to my mind, peace in my home, peace in my soul, peace all round, peace and prosperity through the power of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ name.

31. I am revived and kept alive by the power of the Holy Spirit in health and in wealth; I live, I reign, I recover all, in Jesus.

For in him we live, and move, and have our being. (Acts 17:28, KJV)


Now, go ahead and thank God for answer to prayers, in Jesus’ name.

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Nonetheless exhaustive, these warfare prayer points for healing is meant to do one thing: help deploy the anointing of the Holy Ghost into your body to force out sicknesses and diseases with the demons of affliction.

Yes, you will do well to stay in faith declaring these words until you see the power of God practically at work in your body, effecting healing and cure.

Stand your ground and pray.

Insist on your right, making your demands in the name of Jesus and Satan will leave you alone.

Resist the devil and He will flee from you, the Scripture say. Yes, stand up to Him and he will run away in fright from you as a coward. (See James 4:7, NIV)

He is programmed by God to flee when resisted.    

You may want to go the extra mile; adding fasting to your prayer, that’s a step further.

Jesus said, some things, some kind, will not go but by fasting and prayer. (See Matthew 17:21, KJV)

So add fasting to your prayer if you have to.

But be sure that whether you are fasting or not, you stay in faith, believing as you pray. (See Matthew 21:22, KJV)

For without it (faith), you cannot please God and you cannot receive from God. (See Hebrews 6:12, 11:2, 6, 33)

Well, may mercy speak for you and take you where your faith may not because of failure and weakness, in Jesus’ name.

Be healed, in Jesus’ name.


God bless you.

31 Strong Warfare Prayer Points For Healing


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